Who Knew?

So I had this temp job last week working at a bookstore at a local college. It's not a bad job all things considered. The time goes by fast because it's busy and I get to talk to all kinds of people which is interesting. Of course I also get to be around books which is a neat thing for me because I love to read all sorts of stuff.

The only really problem with this job is that I'm super jealous of all the kids that come in to buy books. Don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous because they're younger or hipper or have they're whole lives ahead of them (I'm not THAT old) I'm just jealous because they get to go to school.

When I was in college I had a friend named Justin who had graduated a semester before me. He told me that school was great compared to the real world. Scrimping and saving my meager earnings from my nightmare hostess job at a restaurant, I thought he was crazy. I dreamed of full-time employment and not worrying about where the money for car insurance would come from. It's funny how life works out I guess.

The thing was that I had stopped appreciating how fun school could be. I was so focused on the goal, a now useless piece of paper, I simply endured the present. I never took the fun classes, that you sign up for on a whim. Everything was just to fill a requirement. The irony is that now when I could take these classes and really get something out of them I can't afford it.

I was talking to someone who has a job about my desire to return to school and they said why not, go sign up. I don't think that the world should revolve around me and I don't want my unemployment to be all that people see. At the same time I get hit in a hundred little ways by how different my life is than everyone else's. All of the little things I griped about not being able to afford while I was in college and now the thing that I want most of all and can't afford is to just take one class.

Justin wherever you are; You were right.



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