What To Watch*

With so many channels sometimes the unemployed TV watcher can use a little help

November 12 - I once considered a career as a carny. My little sis talked me out of it, but sometimes I still wonder what it would have been like to live the life. Oh well I guess I'll just have to settle for watching Texas Carnival today. Oh wait I guess it's about a guy who is mistaken for a millionaire. Well maybe it has a few rigged games in it or a house of mirrors.

TCM 10:15am

November 11 - As I'm sure you know by now, I'm addicted to these disaster type movies. Today's pick, San Francisco Has Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable and is about the 1906 earthquake. Probably doesn't have the special effects of 10.5 but it's probably way better acted and written.

TCM 5:00pm

November 10 - Remember that show Sliders where they jumped from dimension to dimension and some where really cool and some were horrible? It has that guy that was in Stand By Me and now he plays a cop I think on some show. Also he played the boyfriend in one of the Scream movies. Anyway if you've never seen Sliders before, catch an episode or two on the Sci Fi Channel today.

SCI 10:00-12:00

November 9 - You're Only Young Once, kind of an appropriate movie for me to watch today I think, you know since I was actually young once. I'm not now, but once I was. If anyone needs me I'll be hiding under the covers eating chocolate.

TCM 9:00am

November 8 - So there's this guys and he tries to build  tunnel through the Andes. Apparently he's rich because the movie's called Tycoon. If he was poor it would probably be called, Not Rich Guy or something. Although if he was poor he probably wouldn't have the money to even attempt to build a giant tunnel through a mountain.

TCM 2:45pm


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