September What to Watch

September 30 - So you think being unemployed is bad, you could be a member of a disaster team coping with a jet crash. I know nothing about this movie except that it was made for TV and that it has Charlton Heston. This means it will have the right amount of cheesiness with at least a touch of class. 

USA 9:00am (1995) Charlton Heston

September 29 - Unemployment killing your love life? Or maybe you Do have a date, but it's been so long you don't know how to act? Watch a Dating Story today on TLC. It will either show you how to act or maybe how not to act. If nothing else, you can get a dating experience vicariously through TV.

TLC 11:00am

September 26 - Unemployment left you feeling like you have nothing? Watch  MacGyver, he's a man who can definitely makes something out of nothing. Who knows, maybe he'll inspire you.

TV Land 2:00pm Richard Dean Anderson

September 25 - Today's pick is one of those 'couple who used to be in love (then he faked his own death and entered the witness protection program) but they now detest each other, team up to go on the run from the bad guys and then fall in love all over again' movies. Ok so maybe it sounds formulaic but it's also pretty funny. Plus it may be your only chance to see Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson in a movie together so check it out. If that doesn't convince you it's got this really cool ending. No I won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to watch it and find out for yourself.

TBS 11:30 (1990) Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn

September 24 - Go back to the 80's today and watch a vintage episode of the A Team. I mean was their ever a problem Hannibal and the gang couldn't solve?

Spike TV 11:00am Mr. T

September 23 - John Candy may have been one of the funniest men ever. Since laughter is really great for your health and you probably don't have much to laugh about what with the unemployment and crappy economy and all, watch him in Summer Rental a flick about a stressed out air traffic controller who takes his family on a Florida vacation.

TBS 11:30am (1985) John Candy

September 22 - What is up with this? I mean the stores already have their Christmas decorations for sale and SciFi is showing a Halloween double feature in September. Come on people.

SciFi Halloween 2 (1981) Noon - Halloween 3 2pm 

September 19 - Today's your chance to see the (possibly) newly single J-Lo in her pre pre Ben days. In Anaconda she gets almost eaten by a snake several times. It's a pretty mean snake. Well it would be if it wasn't just animatronic. 

USA 3:00 (1997) Jennifer Lopez 

September 18 - Today see the man who would be governor or who wants to be governor anyway. Total Recall is, well, I can't tell you what it is since I've never seen it, and probably won't watch it because I'm not really a fan, and isn't it breaking that whole equal time law or something? But hey watch it and tell me what you think. I mean there's nothing else on, and who knows, maybe it will help you make some sort of political decision or something. 

USA 2:30 (1990) Arnold 

September 17 - Today's pick is a new TLC show all about second chances in fact it's even called Second Chance. If you're a romantic, you'll be moved by the stories of love that gets another try. If you're bitter you always have the hope that someone will get completely dissed on  national TV> What more could you ask for. I mean really? 

TLC 1:00

September 16 - Today on AMC they're doing kind of an Elvis Marathon. Starting at  7:30  with 'Wild in the Country' and concluding with 'Girls Girls Girls' which starts at 4:00. Take a moment to see the man who would be king before anyone believed it could happen.  

AMC 7:30am - 6pm Elvis

September 15 - Michael Crichton is an excellent author. You won't be able to tell that though from watching Congo. This movie reaches the so bad it's almost funny level. Besides where else can you see an animatronic ape throwing diamonds. Okay so not on your average to do list, but still amusing.

USA 2:30 (1995) Dylan Walsh

September 12 - This movie was like the Titanic of my youth. It tells the story of intrepid survivors as they fight their way out through the bottom, now the top, of an overturned sea liner.  The Poseidon Adventure, while not a great flick to watch just before that dream cruise, is still a pretty exciting movie. 

AMC 3:05 (1972) Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters

September 11 - Whatever happened to Corey Haim. I mean he was on top back in the 80's you could put him in almost any movie and people would go see it. At least that's what one must assume given the fact that today's pick, ''License To Drive' was ever made at all. 

USA 12:00 (1988) Corey Haim

September 10 - Feel like you could never do anything to change the world? Be inspired by a true leader who proved that one person can make a difference, if that person is Ghandi. Watch part one of the story today. Part two shows Thursday.

A&E 8:00am, 2:00pm

September 9 - Sometimes when you can't find a job doing what you do, you have to take a job doing something you don't do. That's what  Happy does. A frustrated (and really bad) hockey player takes on the world of professional golf and shows everyone. Maybe the movie will inspire you.

USA 3:00 (1996) Adam Sandler, Bob Barker

September 8 - Life may be difficult, but at least a previously unknown volcano isn't erupting and about to destroy your city. Well not that you know of anyway. but that's what's happening to the people in Dante's Peak.

USA 3:00 (1997) Pierce Brosnan

September 5 - Raising Arizona is perhaps one of the oddest movies of all time. It will take your mind off the whole job hunting thing, but don't feel bad if it doesn't make sense. I don't think it makes sense to anyone.

BRV 4:00 (1987) Nicholas Cage, Holly Hunter

September 4 - There really isn't all that much on tomorrow. I'm recommending 'Enchanted April' because it's the story about some women who rent a villa in Italy to escape their boring lives and I would really love to run away to Italy and forget about all this stupid job stuff.

BRV 2:30 (1991) Josie Lawrence, Miranda Richardson

September 3 - With great cinematography and solid characters, The Quiet Man is one of John Wayne's best movies. Plus it takes place in Ireland so the background scenery is incredible. 

AMC 3:40 (1952) John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara

September 2 - Spend a few hours with the dogged intrigue of 'Best in Show' This was said to be one of the funniest movies of 2000. A mockumentary about dog shows and the people who take part in them. I had this teacher one time who was like the meanest most obnoxious person ever, and she showed dogs. I know that has nothing to do with anything, but she sure was mean.

Comedy Central 3:00 (2000) Christopher Guest

September 1 -  See Heath Ledger in his breakout role Ok so maybe it wasn't really a breakout role, but how can you knock a movie called '10 Things I hate About You' ?

USA 2:00 (1999) Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles



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