September Timewasters

September 30 - Have you ever wondered if the claims on the side of packages are really true? What about the things that don't have a listing on the side, how do you know how much is on the inside of these things. I know what you're thinking, if only there was some way to know. Well today's your lucky day my friend because now there is. Make sure you check out the silly string link. 

September 29 - This site is really punny. Click on it and you'll see what I mean.

September 26 - Remember when Bobby and Cindy tried to get in the Guinness Book of World Records by teeter-tottering for like 2 days? Anyhow, if you want to be forever remembered by whoever it is who actually reads the book, you can find out how at today's site. Or you can just find out who the dog with the longest ears is.

September 25 - If your reality is so lacking that you must watch reality TV obsessively here's the link for you. To be honest I only watch the finale of these shows. I mean if I watch from the beginning I'll waste time learning about people who are just gonna be eliminated anyway.

September 24 - Today's site is more evidence that I need a vacation. This is a survival guide to Athens. Greece not Georgia. It's good if you're planning on going to the Olympics next year, or if you just want to dream about going on vacation. Don't worry it's not one of those annoying corporate travel sites really. It's just thoughts on traveling there from a guy who traveled there.

September 23 - I would say something witty, but I stayed out too late and my head hurts, whine whine whine, excuse excuse excuse. Anyhow, check this site out it's amusing. Really.


September 22 - When I was in Greece, one of the people I was traveling with was like a total postcard addict. I think it bordered on obsession. She would love this site. If you can't go on vacation, at least you can see where other people went on theirs.

September 19 - I think I may have seen this list somewhere before. I still think it's funny though. I mean elevators are so boring, especially if it's a tall building, Ya know? I didn't really look at the rest of the site, but I did click on the best page, and this guy seems written about almost everything.

September 18 - This site is really funny and perhaps proof that you can find anything on the internet.

September 17 - Like my friend Frank the Duck I love a good road trip. I mean who doesn't. The problem today is too many road trips take place on soulless highways with nary a tacky souvenir stand in sight. The answer is today's site. It lists all the great smaller byways of America. Because after all isn't a true road trip about the trip itself not the destination? Okay I'll stop being philosophical now, but check it out it's cool.


September 16 - a couple of years ago I went to Europe and because people thought I wouldn't be checking my email, no one emailed me. So there I was super far away from home and wishing in vain for a friendly email. Don't let this happen to our brave men and women in the military, send them an email at this site.

September 15 - This site is trippy. It's filled with all those random graphics that you get in emails sometimes. You know like the swirls that appear to move. I know, these are illusions, that's the word I couldn't think of. Oh and this site takes longer than most sites I choose to load, but it's really cool so I decided to use it. Thanks Dennis  for sending this in.

September 12 - Just a reminder on this Friday, that all people with jobs don't have it great either.

September 11 - Today's website is really interesting. The guy who made it worked in the World Trade Center and was late to work on September 11th. This lateness saved his life, but many people believed he died that day. To combat this mistaken belief he created this web site so people would know that he was still alive. 

So take a look at his site today and take a moment to remember the people who weren't as blessed. Two years ago we as a nation promised to never forget. Let's keep that promise.


September 10 - I am not a newbie, but I don't know any of these because I think they're kinda dumb. That said, if someone IM's you and uses all sorts of annoying internet anagrams that make no sense, here's the site for you. Maybe you can even find one they've never heard of and make them feel dumb.


September 9 - Are you superstitious? If so, or if superstitions intrigue you, you'll find this site kinda interesting. You do have to scroll down past all the stupid advertising banner stuff at the top though.


September 8 - Because everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame.


September 5 - Ever wonder how email works? Electric guitars? Crazy as it sounds you can find out both answers here.


September 4 - An evil software empire. Hrmm, why does that sound familiar?


September 3 - Since I'm going through serious Vegas withdrawals, I decided to do a Vegas type site for today. This is a whole bunch of stories from a guy who was working the casinos in the time of Frank and Dino and Sammy and the rest of the Rat Pack. It was a different place then, Las Vegas, but still full of glamour. Perhaps even more so.


September 2 - I'm not sure what to say about this site except that it's kinda interesting. The articles are sorta funny. Plus they have an elf name generator. How many sites have that? Besides how could you not love a site that has a daily pirate.


September 1 - Have you ever had a crazy idea and thought, I should patent that and make a million dollars? These people did. Well uh they patented their wacky ideas at least, perhaps the million dollars is still but a dream.



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