September Brick Wall

September 29 - Okay this was not only annoying, it was also (sort of) dangerous. I had to stop at the gas station today, and when I got there I pulled up to one of the pumps. Unfortunately the guy in front of me hadn't pulled forward so I finally had to just move to another pump. Then as I get back in my car, I notice that some chick from the car in front of me has gotten out of the car and is sitting on the ground smoking a cigarette. Now if you're smoking at a gas station, you're either really addicted or really dumb or some combination of both. 

September 22 - I was in this big huge warehouse store the other day and I had one item and everyone in front of me had like 50. Of course no one said, here, you go ahead. I'm not saying that I should get special treatment or anything, but people at these stores guard their place in line as though they were a security guard at a bank. Come on people haven't you ever heard of karma? I really wish these stupid places would have express checkout lanes. But then I guess people would always be sneaking in with like 25 items and stuff.

September 15 - So it's a car thing again. I know I know, how annoying, more car bitching. How boring. It's just that my brakes are squeaking again and I am in a quandary over what to do about it. I could go back to the place where they're still under warranty, but they've fixed my car twice now so even though it would be free, do I want them to be the ones checking and (possibly) fixing my car again? You can see why that might be a bit annoying.

September 8 - I get so tired of being unemployed and having people act like I'm on some extended vacation. Today I took my sister's car into the mechanics to get her brakes checked and the guy said oh you're so nice and I said I'm unemployed so I had the time to do it, and he said, and I'm not even kidding, 'it must be nice'. Yeah dumbass nothing's as much fun as long term unemployment. 

September 1 -  I had the worst job interview ever. I really think that this guy had never done an interview before, because he was so bad at it. He looked at my resume and fixated on this one company I had worked for and started asking me all these questions about said company. Now I'm not talking about my job, this guy was asking me why the CEO did this or why the company decided to do that.  I think he had a grudge against the company or something.  I tried desperately to assure him that I had no knowledge of why anyone at that company did anything, but I had no luck.  Needless to say, I haven't heard from them.



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