October What to Watch


October 31 - What better to watch on Halloween then Halloween. You have a choice today you can watch  2,3,4 or 5  I've only seen 1 and Halloween H2O, so they're all new to me.

AMC All Day

October 30 - I don't know what this movie is about, but it is called Ghost Story and oddly enough the listing says it stars Fred Astaire.  That in itself should be enough to make you curious enough to watch it.

AMC 2:05pm (1981) Fred Astaire

October 29 - One of the best horror flicks of it's time The Fly was even spoofed in the Simpson's Tree House of Horror (4 I think or maybe 5). Anyway, catch this rare chance to see the original. This one even has an appearance by the great man of scary stuff himself, Vincent Price. 

AMC 11:30 (1958) Vincent Price

October 28 - I think this movie might have been an MST3000 pick at some point. No matter, there's nothing like a good Godzilla vs. Monster Zero to make your week interesting. I know it's early, but so worth it.

AMC 9:00am (1968) Nick Adams

October 27 - No recommendation for today, but the weather was nice so you should  have been outside. anyway.

October 24 - Weird Science is one of those 80's movies, what more can I say?  Anthony Michael Hall and his friend create their dream girl and she turns his mean big brother into a slug. Or maybe that was a different movie, who knows it was a long time ago that I saw it. But lucky for me, and you I guess, we can watch it today. 

COM 3:00pm Anthony Michael Hall 

October 23 - Watch a bit of Brit humor today. I know most of it's not funny, but A Fish Called Wanda really is. It's got John Cleese and I think Kevin Kline and a very special fish. Pretty funny stuff check it out.

A&E 2:00pm (1988) John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis

October 22 - Today's movie is a classic. Vacation was the first of the franchise and is still the best, although I must admit Christmas Vacation was pretty funny, especially  the lights thing. Anyhow, watch and laugh. Be sure to catch John Candy as a Wally World security guard.

COM 3:00 Chevy Chase

October 21 - Today's pick is Soapdish. Sally Field is hilarious as a soap actress who tells her daughter she is really her aunt who's twin sister (the daughter's mother) was killed in a car crash. Doesn't make sense? Of course not, but watch the movie it's great.

A&E 2:00 (1991) Sally Field

October 20 - Three Cheers for the Irish is the tale of Peter Casey who has been a NYC cop for 35 years. He's asked to retire on his 35th anniversary with the force, and then some other stuff happens. The main reason I recommended this movie was because it's called Three Cheers for the Irish. and I'm Irish. Plus as an added bonus it has the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.

AMC 1pm (1940) Alan Hale

October 17 - What to do now that winter's setting in,  Watch some Travel Channel of  course, and what better than a show on beaches. Plus after that I think there's something on Hawaii.

TRAV 3:00pm


October 16 - Doris Day movies always make life look so simple. So return to the simple times today with The Ballad of Josie. A tale of a widow who raises sheep in old Wyoming. Personally I would raise alpacas, but whatever. 

AMC 1:40pm (1967) Doris Day

October 15 -Watch some baseball today. I mean after all it is the American pastime. So make some hot dogs and watch a game. I don't have any idea when the game will be on where you are, or what channel, but come on it's the playoffs how hard could it be to find it.

October 14 - Today's pick is The Cutting Edge. This is the best movie, It has DB Sweeny as an ex hockey player whose only chance to make a living on ice is to become a figure skater. Needless to say he's not really thrilled with the idea. Anyway, it's a great movie so watch it okay?

AMC 4:05 (1992) DB Sweeny


October 13 - Today's pick is The Faculty, a slick horror film about how aliens take over the bodies of all the teachers and most of the students at a suburban high school. The main characters are a mix of all the  different groups in the high school, you know, the football player, the cheerleader, the geek, the bad boy, and they all have to work together. It's kinda like the Breakfast Club with space aliens.  Plus it has a pre-Daily Show John Stewert

USA 12:00pm (1998) John Stewert, Josh Hartnett, 

October 10 -Soak up some culture today by watching the story of Catherine The Great. I don't know who she is exactly, but if we watch this then we both will. After all she must have been someone important or they wouldn't have made a movie about her.

A&E 2:00pm Katherine Zeta Jones

October 9 - This is a good flick. Not only does it have Audrey Hepburn one of the most famous actresses ever, but Hannibal from the A Team is the romantic lead. And hey, if you've already seen it, Breakfast at Tiffany's is worth a second watch.

AMC 12:05 (1961) Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard

October 8 - The Siege. I know nothing about it, but I hear that this is supposed to be a really good film. Plus it has Denzel Washington in it. He's so cool. I think it's about terrorists or something scary like that. 

USA 1:30 (1998) Denzel Washington

October 7 - King Kong, how can you miss it. Granted it's not the really old one, but it is from the 70's so you get sort of that old movie feel. Definitely worth a few hours of your life

AMC 2:45pm (1976) Jeff Bridges

October 6 - Take some time today to watch the movie that made John Travolta famous and perhaps Disco more popular, but I won't blame him for that as annoying as it is. 

AMC 2:40 (1977) John Travolta

October 3 - I know you just loved yesterday's John Wayne movie so I thought I'd give you another one. This one has The Duke playing a gunfighter who falls in love with a Quaker. Probably a relationship that could only work in Hollywood. Or maybe in a Hollywood movie since relationships don't actually seem to work too great in Hollywood.

AMC 11:20 (1947) John Wayne

October 2 - Sands of Iwo Jima This movie about the fighting of World War 11 in the Pacific and it has John Wayne. Actually this movie is one I've always heard about but have never had the chance to see.  

AMC 1:40 (1949) John Wayne

October 1 - Today's movie was picked pretty much because it has Paul Newman in it. I mean how can you not love Paul Newman? You know he gives all that salad dressing money to charity. Moving on, I think I may have seen this movie on late night TV. Anyway, check it out. 

TCM 11:00am (1964) Paul Newman, Claire Bloom




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