October Timewasters

October 31 - It's Halloween so read some ghost stories and scare yourself silly. I mean isn't that the point?


October 30 - Want the real truth about a company? Check this site out. Plus it's just interesting to look at if you're bored.


October 29 - See that's my problem, I don't have a clear cut goal. And now, darn it, sending bacon into space is taken. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep looking.


October 28 - This is a funny site, and a great one to send to all those people you get a million dumb forwards from. I mean come on, no one really believes that Microsoft will give you money for surfing the net or that congress is developing a plan to charge $.05 an email. So send them this and laugh. (At least until they send it back to you, completely ignoring the fact that you were the one who sent it to them in the first place.)


October 27 - I didn't have a link for today because I was too busy testing all the wacky uses in Friday's link.

October 24 - Normal is boring, now wacky, that's fun. Today's site gives you wacky uses for everyday boring products. Okay so they aren't all that wacky, but they are sort of interesting.


October 23 - Ever wonder what kind of wine you should serve with what kind of food? Me, I just serve the strongest stuff I can find so no one really tastes the food. You probably want to be more scientific about it, so look at this site.


October 22 - Need a little help in the love department? They can't get you a date, but they can tell you how to behave if you manage to get one.


October 21 - In a world filled with so many annoying in-your-face happy people, we all could use a little Joe. Make sure you read his section on regret. 


October 20 - Ever wanted to see what life under the sea was really like? Check out this link. 


October 17 - Whether you're looking for words of wisdom from Dr. Phil or help naming your new punk band, you'll be in the right place with today's link. 


October 16 - Do something stupid? Haven't we all at one time or another. Well don't feel bad these people are stupider. Wait is that even a word?



October 15 - What are your two favorite things? You probably didn't think Spam and Haiku, but that's only because you haven't seen this site yet.


October 14 - Don't you hate those crappy motivational posters they put up all over offices? I mean are you seriously expected to believe they want you to  soar like an eagle or some crap like that? Anyway, check this site out. It may not be pretty, but their posters definitely tell it like it is.


October 13 - This is a pretty cool site. It's worth looking at, so don't give up on it like I did and then get laughed at by it's fluffy creator. All good things take time. Doesn't it just suck that we're such an instant gratification society - I gotta go have some ice cream.


October 10 - It's totally my goal to someday sleep in a wigwam.  I know this may sound like a largely unattainable goal, but it's not.  You can do it too. Or maybe you just wanna see what a wigwam made out of concrete looks like. Sound like fun? As an added bonus this wigwam is on Route 66. Can you say road trip?



October 9 - Want to learn more about yourself? Take a quiz. Okay so you won't really learn more about yourself, but you will kill some time and maybe get a few laughs.


October 8 - Do you know what an albatross is or what it looks like. Neither did I. Check this out.


October  7 - Are you really bored and want someone to talk to? Try talking to Oliver. Oliver Bot that is. It's amusing in it's way. Check it out. Hey maybe this would be a good way to prepare for that upcoming date and/or job interview.


October 6 - I would probably never put the two together but check this out and see if you can stump the computer. I didn't manage it though. I have to say the computer was pretty witty when it slammed me for picking such an easy sitcom character.


October 3 - Ever feel bad because your car is boring red or blue. Do you ever wish you could turn your car into some fabulous piece of moving art? Instead of one color, you could have dozens. Sound a bit wild for you? Not so for these guys and gals.



October 2 - Ever have the urge to send a smartass email to some huge and somewhat annoying corporation? Well, these guys beat you to it. But look at it this way, you can read their emails and get a good laugh.


October 1 - Wanna know all about animals? This site's really cool. They have tons of info about all kinds of animals and a bunch of other links to get more info and find publications on animals. Check it out, maybe you'll find an animal you've never heard of before.




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