October Brick Wall

October 20 - Okay I drive a really tiny car. I have no idea if this has anything to do with anything, but I was at this stoplight today and I was the only person in the middle lane that was going straight, and the light turned green for everyone else twice before it turned green for me. Maybe I should buy an SUV.

October 13 - I have to say that spam really bugs me. I mean do these people really think I'm gonna read their annoying email and instantly rush out and buy their product. Dumbasses. So along those lines, I got this email from some company trying to sell me something that they promise will block spam. Are these people idiots? I mean they're sending me a spam email to try and help me get rid of spam email? So like if I say, had their product already, I wouldn't be getting their emails anymore?

October 6 - Today's Brick Wall is something I'm sure many unemployed people can relate to. So I get this email from this random person who I must stress is not a friend of mine. This email explains in great detail, what is wrong with my site, what is wrong with my attitude, what is wrong with my job search, the type of job I should be looking for, etc. Then he proceeds to tell me about some random guy who got multiple job offers in my field. What a dumbass. Although I have to admit by the end of the email I was laughing pretty hard. Some people are so clueless.


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