Now You Have a Job - Now you Don't

So I was really excited about this job. Okay so maybe really excited was a bit of a stretch. But it was a job and there was a strong possibility that it might become permanent. The job itself was crap, and I hated the place, and the people were annoying. Of all of them, my boss was the worst. She was one of those people who breezed in at 8:45 and left at ten minutes to five.

 The work basically consisted of typing numbers into an internet web site and running reports. Once I had done that I had to do a lot of data entry and about half of it was in some other language. The weirdest thing was I thought I fit in, well sort of.  I have a talent, well developed due to my many temp jobs, of adjusting my attitude to fit in whatever place I ended up. They made jokes and I laughed. I made jokes and they laughed. Iím pretty sure they laughed because Iím really funny. I only laughed because I was a temp.

 The weirdest thing about this office was their break room. The office was just set up strange. The break room was up a very steep flight of stairs. Every time someone would go up there you could hear it in the entire office. It sounded like a heard of elephants rushing by overhead. The other strange thing is that no one ever hung out in the break room. No one chatted over lunch or a midmorning break. I think the stairs kept most people from even bothering.

 If the stairs didnít dissuade me from spending time in the break room, there were other reasons to avoid the place. The office had one conference room and it was right next to the break room. Then on the other side of the conference room was the owner/presidentís office. This explains why no one spent time in the break room bitching about their jobs. And on that subject how come there was never any bitching. Were these Stepford employees? 

 The strangest thing about the place was that the owner/president guy never once acknowledged my existence over the normal course of a day. Even if we were standing next to each other at the fax machine it was like I wasnít there. One time a few people, this guy included, were talking about Turkey and I mentioned that I thought the area they were speaking of was beautiful. The guy then gave me the third degree about whether or not Iíd actually been there. Yeah like Iím gonna lie about being in Turkey.  Because of course lying about seeing a place Iíd never seen would definitely score me brownie points.  Talk about having an over-inflated view of himself.

 Iím not sure why they let me go. This was the day after they made a point of inviting me to their office Christmas party. Come to think of it this was also the day that the owner/president guy acknowledged my existence for the first and only time. We were standing at the fax machine and I was so surprised he actually spoke to me unprompted that I was momentarily speechless and couldnít manage a response. Maybe I should have realized his acknowledgement was some kind of sign.

 Whatever their reasons, they let me go. They told the temp agency they were sending the work to Turkey.  Of course I did see the same job listed on Monster a few short days later. I almost applied for it too. The only thing that stopped me was the fear that they might actually rehire me.



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