November What to Watch

November 28 - Jack Lemmon was one of the greats, see him in one of his greatest performances today with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot. He's got great legs.

TCM 11a.m. (1959) Joe E. Brown

November 27 - I heard they're going to remake Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - next to the tragedy of a live action Grinch and the horror of Madonna's remake of American Pie the worst idea ever - So take some time for yourself before you go spend time with your family today, and watch good old Willie. 

TBS 8a.m. (1971) Gene Wilder

November 26 - Do you like Michael Keaton, if so then you'll love today's pick, Multiplicity, since it has lots of him because well, he clones himself in this movie. 

TBS 8a.m. (1996) Michael Keaton

November 25 -  I would never have guessed that Katherine Hepburn made a movie with Jason Bateman, but she did. It was called This Can't Be Love, and you can watch it today.

USA 9:am (1994)

November 24 - Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the cats of the world waged war against all the dog in the world? Someone did and then they made a movie about it and called it (wow! original) Cats and Dogs.

USA 11:00am (2001) Jeff Goldblum

November 21 - A while ago I was up really late because I couldn't sleep and I saw this show about this guy who travels backward in time 7 days to change the past which is actually the present or is it the future? Never mind. Strangely enough, it's called 7 Days, Anyhow  it's a cool show and the time travel guy is sorta cute. Check it out today. 

SPIKE 1:00

November 20 - There's nothing like a good made for TV disaster movie. Okay so maybe a lethal airborne virus isn't an earthquake or a tornado or and avalanche, but still good cheesy TV at it's best. Watch Quarantine today. 

USA 11:00am (2000) Harry Hamlin, 

November 19 - Have no idea which stars dating which? Find your knowledge of must buy Hollywood items lacking?  Watch E News Daily today and catch up.

E! 12:00

November 18 - I think that in his movies Elvis is like Nancy Drew and Barbie. I mean is there anything he's not great at? In today's pick, Stay Away Joe (who names these things really?????) Elvis plays a  Rodeo champ.

TCM 1:45 (1968) Elvis Presley 

November 17 - Today's pick is one of those movies I've always heard mentioned, but never had a chance to see. Until today that is. If you've never seen From Here to Eternity, with old blue eyes, today's your chance.

TCM 12:30 (1953) Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr

November 14 - Have clothing issues? Watch Fashion Emergency on E today. It'll help you get ready for the weekend. Clotheswise anyhow. 

E! 2:00pm

November 13 - When I was in High School I was in a production of 'Guys and Dolls' it was way fun and has great music. Check out the movie version today.

TCM 12:30pm (1955) Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra


November 12 - Everyone knows about the Loch Ness monster. I personally think Nessie just got a bad rap. Some guy actually put on old school scuba gear and  walked across the bottom of Loch Ness to search for the monster. He didn't find anything because hi, how hard is it to out run a man walking around in old school scuba gear on the bottom of a lake. Anyway, watch Loch Ness today. It has nothing to do with that guy I just thought that was interesting. 

USA 8:30am (1996) Ted Danson 

November 11 - Tora Tora Tora, is an account of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This 1970 movie is considered to be one of the best about that day. Sorry Ben and Josh, I think your movie didn't even make the list. 

AMC 10:00am (1970) Jason Robards


November 10 - Not the best horror flick, but probably not the worst (think Friday the 13 part V (?)  Jason Takes Manhattan) Pet  Sematary 2 has that doctor guy from ER who was also in How I Got In To College. Now that was a funny movie, but sadly not one that gets shown a lot on TV oh sad world. 

USA 3:00 (1992) Anthony Edwards, Edward Furlong

November 7 - Wanna ask the big question? Or maybe you're just wishing someone would ask you. So if you're in the former group, watch Perfect Proposal today to get some ideas. If you're in the latter, you can always throw popcorn at the screen.

TLC 1:30

November 6 - Hey today's pick 'The Undefeated' has bandits  revolutionaries and John Wayne. Plus it takes place post civil war, so it's probably historical too so you can feel like you're learning something as an added bonus.

AMC 2:35pm (1969) John Wayne

November 5 - Having a bad hair day? Wanna believe in magical transformations from ugly duckling to beautiful swan? Watch 'Makeover Story' on TLC today. 

TLC 12:00pm

November 4 - Wanna go to Rome circa 1953? Well then, take a Roman Holiday, or watch one. This movie has Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and a bunch of cool Roman scenery. It's the story of a European princess who falls for an American. Plus it has the 'Green Acres' guy.

AMC 9:20am (1953) Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert

November 3 - Giant is today's pick. This movie has Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean.  I hear the book was pretty good too, but you shouldn't read it if you see the movie. So I guess you won't be able to read the book since you'll be watching the movie today. 

TCM 1:30pm (1956) James Dean



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