November Timewasters

November 28 - How cool is this? The water glows. They call it a Bioluminescent Bay. Wanna know more? check out today's link.

November 27 - Sometimes when I've been traveling it's been necessary for me to sleep in an airport. I could have saved myself some stress if I'd found this site first. Then at least I would have known what to expect.

November  26 - Tired of having one failed relationship after another? Wish there was some way you could find out right in the beginning and save yourself from heartache?  Click on today's link and by simply typing in your name and the name of your potential beloved and it will tell you whether this relationship has a chance. It totally works too because I tried it with my parents names and it said they had a 92% chance of working out and they've been together 36 years.

November 25 - This is a cool site check it out. Thanks Sabry for sending it to me.

November 24 - I like to think of myself as a super huge big fan of Better Off Dead, but this guy totally makes me look like some sort of lame half-assed fan of Better Off Dead. Check out this link to find out why he makes me look less the fan.

November 21 - Ever watched Star Wars and wandered how big the Death Star was? Or maybe you're trying to figure out if the men of Battlestar Galactica had a cooler ship than Han Solo. Check this site out. It lets you compare the dimensions of these ships and more.

November 20 - When I lived in San Diego, every Halloween they would show old black and white horror movies in the Organ Pavilion along with live organ accompaniment. I stumbled across it one year when I was there for something else and always meant to go back, but even though I planned to every year, I never made it. Anyway, this site celebrates those same movies. It doesn't have the organ music, but it's still pretty cool.

November 19 - Do you ever think to yourself that you really want to read interesting stuff, but you have total Attention Deficit Disorder so you don't want a bunch of stuff on the same topic. Plus you're too lazy to search all over for different stuff. If this is you then this site is for you.

November 18 - And I thought the whole underwater pumpkin carving thing was strange. I know I'm a little bit late for Halloween this year, but I didn't want to wait a whole year to use this, so here it is.

November 17 - The American Revolution seems so distant in our past. Yet it was a time peopled by brave individuals who were willing to do anything for the cause of freedom. It was also a time of spies and daring risks. Check out today's link for the letters and stories of those who spied for the cause and of those who spied against it.

November 14 - I am a total Simpson's addict. People laugh at me because I know all sorts of obscure trivia. I am even considering a new section called Life Imitates Bart comparing life to  Simpson's episodes. Today's link is an episode guide of the show.

November 13 - Jumping the shark - I'm not really sure where this comes from, but I know it means when a good show goes bad. Wanna know when your favorite shows went bad? Check out this site.

November 12 - If you're a celebrity and want to know if you're annoying check out this site. Since it's unlikely any celebrities are actually looking at my site, this site is a fun place to find out if everyone is as annoyed by a celebrity as you.

November 11 - I know your bummed because you were totally gonna do this in your town, and now they've just done it first. Rats.

November 10 - I wonder if it's easier to get a job on the moon?

November 7 - A long time ago when I was on my way to Mexico for the caravana we stopped in this restaurant and they had one of those biorhythm machines and I thought it was just the coolest thing. I must admit it's not as exciting as it was then, but still interesting. If you also think this type of stuff is cool, you can have your weborhythm done here.

November 6 - You see these 'Raise Alpacas' commercials all the time. For some reason they always make me smile. Plus 'I raise alpacas for fun and profit has become my stock answer for when I get tired of telling people I'm unemployed. Anyway, if alpacas interest you too, check out this site.

November 5 - This site speaks for itself. Come on, click on it, you'll regret it if you don't. Really. Ok so maybe regret is too strong a word, but it is an interesting site.

November 4 - Have a job, but don't feel like working? Make it sound like you're hard at work with this site.

November 3 - So a long time ago people took they're names from what they did. Wonder what your ancestors did? Check out this link. It's a listing of all sort of jobs people used to have or at least what they used to call them. If you can find one that sounds like your last name, that's probably what your ancestors did.


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