My First Kissograph

When I found out my friend had bought tickets for Blue Man Group show, I was a bit annoyed. I mean I had less than no interest in seeing this show. I had seen all the commercials. I saw the ads ad naseum on the hotel channel. I was completely 100% sure I was not going to like this show. Besides, we only had 2 nights in Las Vegas, why would I want to waste one of them watching a stupid show with a bunch of made up guys hitting things. And to make things worse, it was a 10:00 show so there was no way I was going to stay awake for that 

I know what you're thinking, I'm a total bitch and you're right, I am. I mean someone bought me tickets to some fancy show and there I was complaining about it. It's just that I'm always in a bad mood when I don't get any sleep, and not getting any sleep in Las Vegas is what you do. So the end result was a was a little bit obnoxious. It must have been all that irritation about  the underwear thing bubbling over into the show thing. So anyhow, my bitchiness, an accepted fact, notwithstanding, I decided to go to the show and keep my mouth shut.  

Let me just say that I have never been more wrong about anything in my whole life. This show was incredible. And this is coming from the girl who slept through a Cirque de Soleil show. Well I didn't sleep the whole time, every once and a while the loud music woke me up. Plus I kept falling over into the guy next to me. And of course the seat's in the Cirque theater are nowhere near comfortable for sleeping.

Anyhow the Blue Man show was amazing. It was like the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. I can't even describe it. It was funny and witty in a way that makes you feel smart because you got the jokes.  My recommendation would be, See It. Definitely worth the money. Also do the spa thing, I mean you're gonna lose the money in the casino anyway, you might as well spend it and get more out of it. Besides if someone as unimpressed with the whole Vegas shows thing as I am is really impressed by it it must be pretty impressive. 

Back to the point, assuming I had one. I know, I'm a jumpabout sort of  writer, and when it comes to Las Vegas, I tend to become even more scattered, it's what the town does to me.

After the show as we were walking out John mentioned that the performers usually came out after the show to meet the crowd. We  came around a corner, and there near the entrance, was the band. These guys were cool. I won't go into specifics 'cause that would just ruin it, but doesn't the picture make you want to see the show?

Then J saw them, the Blue Man men. I made her stand next to one of them and took a picture.


Someone suggested I get an autograph so I walked up to a Blue Guy. Apparently they don't talk even after the show they just kind of nod and stuff.  Of course since I'm a dumbass, I was trying to communicate with hand signals as well.  Finally I realize that of course the guy can hear me (and is probably laughing his ass off at me on the inside) so I just asked him for an autograph.  He nodded so I handed him my ticket. Instead of signing his name or doing any of the normal autograph type things,  he kissed my ticket, leaving a blue lip print. Of course I felt really cute-girl at the time, but apparently this is a regular Blue Man Group thing.


I know this because while I was writing this I got curious about the whole Blue Man thing so I Googled them. If I had done this before the show I might have understood the whole Blue Man thing and not been such a dumbass. I probably also would have been surprised by the massive fangirl/fanboy-ness that they seem to inspire.  Now having seen the show I can understand it.  It's  so cool that if you have any artistic side at all, the whole show seems like a dream job. Everyone in the place seems to be having a total blast.  



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