Happy President's Day

When George Washington won the revolutionary war he could have been a king. So great was the soldiers confidence in and love for him, they would have named him king and defended him to the death. He didn't want that though. By all accounts I've read all he wanted was to go back to Mount Vernon and be a farmer. And yet he became instead the first president of the United States. His is the face we see on our dollar bill.

Abraham Lincoln was raised in a log cabin. He grew to be a country lawyer and then the President. He was our leader when our nation was divided he was the one who held us together. I confess to not knowing a lot about Lincoln or even about the Civil War itself. But the sadness he must have endured knowing that if he failed his legacy would be the division of his nation. Lincoln is now one of our most revered presidents, because he didn't fail and still we are united. He ended up on the five dollar bill and the penny.

Where am I going with this? Well I've always been intrigued by the fact that two of our greatest presidents ended up on the smallest denominations.  It seems a bit disrespectful. I mean, shouldn't they have made it on a bigger bill? I suppose it makes some sense since these were truly men of the people. What better money to show them then bills that the most people would see. Not to mention the whole penny thing.

Of course they probably wouldn't have cared. They might even have marveled at their face on money. But then, they probably would have been a bit shocked at the fact that so far into the future we as a nation would celebrate their birthday by taking the day off work and having huge sales.


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