Lost Again

I couldn't think of anything new and interesting to write about, so this is something that happened to me when I was traveling a few years ago.

The first day I spent in Rome after my horrible budget tour returned me there, was at a tour-booked hotel. Like most if not all of the hotels they had booked us in, this hotel was close to nothing. Luckily there was a metro station nearby, and from there it was about a 10-minute ride to Piazza De Spagna. From the Spanish Steps, you could walk around and see almost everything touristy.  So in that respect it wasn’t too horrible.  Wasn’t too horrible assuming, you could get to the metro station from the hotel. 

Unfortunately, I got lost every time I went to or from the metro station. The problem was that there were two stations a few blocks apart and I could never remember how to get to either one so I headed in the direction of the station and ended up walking around until I ran into one of the two. I was only at that hotel for two days, but I went to the metro 5 times and got lost four. Coming back was a little better because I knew the name of the station I wanted, but every station has about 5 exits and, me being me, I never found the right one.

 Well for reasons that would take too long to explain, I found myself in Rome with nowhere to stay after the tour ended. So on my first full day in Rome instead of seeing the sites I spent most of the day trying to find someplace to stay. Finally I found a place and had a reservation set and I hit the metro to head back to Hotel Roma (or whatever it was called). When I got off the metro I started walking and ended up coming out on a street I had never seen before; not surprising I guess given my propensity for getting lost.

 Anyway, when I stepped into the sunlight I noticed something going on close by. There were more people out than I had seen on my previous forays, and everyone was crowded onto the sidewalks. When I got close enough to see around them I realized there was a parade going on. Now this wasn't just your ordinary run of the mill parade, it was really cool, like circus parade cool. I mean it had all the usual marching bands from schools and fancy cars with important looking people and stuff, but it also had, get this, fire eaters. It was like the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I have no idea why they were having a parade down a busy street on a Tuesday at 4:00 in the afternoon, but hey when you have people eating fire and breathing fire, does it really matter why they're having the parade?

 I'm not sure how long I stood there watching the parade go by feeling supremely lucky to have stumbled onto it and still in Awe of the fire breathers. After a while it ran down as parades do and I went along my way, my extremely lost way. I think it took me a half hour to get back to the hotel that was a mere five minutes away. Well it was if you knew where you were going. For once though I couldn’t care less because getting lost had found me a parade with fire eaters, who knew what it would find me next.



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