June Timewasters


June 30 - This guy may be my hero. This falls into the category of 'why didn't I think of that?' I might have tried to keep it though. Although in my defense I've never gotten one worth more than $5.00.



June 27 -This is the coolest site. It tells you how to do anything. Now you can learn how to get a ferret and perhaps more importantly how to ace a job interview. 



June 26 - Celebrate summer by taking a trip on America's Mother Road. I mean come on, what's more American than a road trip. 



June 25 - I think this is really interesting. This guy hiked into Area 51 and then wrote about it for a Las Vegas Newspaper. Personally I stay away from anything that may cause me to be forced to interact with men with guns, but it's a cool story and he mostly managed to avoid the guys with guns.



June 24 - In honor of the SciFi channel hiring a lobbyist to convince congress, or the government in general, to spend money on investigating reports of UFO's.



June 23 - Here's an option  for those of you with more stuff than money. I think I'm too attached to my stuff to sell it. Or maybe just too embarrassed to admit I own it. Once I tried to sell some clothes at Buffalo Exchange and the girl sneered me out of the store. Although I'm pretty sure she was just bitchy.




June 20 - Who needs a card table and a roaring fire. now you can put together a puzzle on your computer and not have to worry about losing that crucial last piece.



June 19 - Amaze and astound your friends. Not since the Batman and Robin Cartoon hosted Saturday morning magic tricks has there been the chance to so amaze and astound. (Does anyone but me remember those?)



June 18 -  All I have is two tic tacs and a gum wrapper I think I'll build an airplane.



June 17 - Because tastefulness is overrated, or maybe because it's your ex's birthday and you really feel like you should send something. It's like the internet card equivalent of sending a box of wine.



June 16 - This is a quasi (look it up if you don't know what it means) interesting look at the world. I think he sort of over-dramatizes though. I mean schools closing early because states run out of money. I thought that was the norm. Really weird news would be like 'Aliens from Mars land at pentagon.' Perhaps not as true, but certainly more interesting.



June 13 - This is the best comic strip ever. Although I may be biased because I have a cat and am annoyed by French People.



June 12 - My question here is if these guys are so great how come the woman recommending them doesn't snap them up? Also I think some of the women are using this as a way to try and snare a date. The pictures they posted looked like those Glamour Shots photos.



June 11 - I like this site because I love Vegas Baby.



June 10 - This is a really cool site. I was way under par until about hole 14