June 30 - So I put together this internet photo album for my cool sister. I decided to upload it to a random page on my site so she could look at it at work. Unfortunately the thing I uploaded accidentally took the place of my main page, as some of you may know.  I didn't realize it until it had been up as my main page for a day or so. Say it with me 'What a Dumbass'. 

June 27 - It was so insanely hot today. It was like 105 degrees. I had to go out and do some stuff, and I missed every single light. I think I may have missed some of them more than once. I really need a car with air conditioning. 

June 26 - I'm house sitting at a place that has a couple of dogs and at about 3:00 this morning they decided to stage the Indy 500 through the house. They were chasing each other running around in circles. It scared the hell out of me.

**June 25 - I was really annoyed with the fact that the press told everyone that a character in the new Harry Potter book dies. It changed the way I read the book and I freaked out every time a character got hurt thinking they might die.

June 24 - Today was an all around annoying day. Some guy cut me off on the freeway I tell you, I have no idea how he fit his car in that space at that speed. (How come there's no cops around when someone is driving like an asshole?  But there always there when you go five miles over the speed limit.) Then in addition to my near death experience, I had to deal with patronizing people. I hate when people are patronizing. I mean really what is the point of that. Oohh look at me I'm so much cooler than you. I can be patronizing. Dumbass. 

June 23 - I finally took the death-trap in to get new tires and it turns out I didn't just need new tires. While they were putting on the tires they checked the brakes. It turns out that the brakes were completely gone, same with the back rotors. Then the CV boots were both bad and then I had to get a new axle. So I guess I really was driving around in a deathtrap. Well anyhow, with the new everything the guy was nice enough to drop $85 off the amount, bringing the grand total to a mere $1,000. I would like to take a moment to thank the credit card company for raising a poor unemployed girl's credit limit just in time to pay her car bills. Now if only they would tell me they don't want it back.

June 20 - I went to Ikea today. Love that place. Anyhow, on the way home we couldn't figure out which freeway to take. We decided to take the one that runs through the place we live. Unfortunately it didn't give the directions right and we went about 10 miles before we realized we were headed totally in the wrong direction. We finally got off the freeway and headed in the right direction and about 1/2 a mile along, traffic came to a complete stop and was stop and go most of the rest of the way.

June 19 - The weather was totally crappy today. Okay so maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal, but HELLO it's June. June means hot weather, or it should. Right? I wish there was someone I could write to or something. Oh well even if my congressman could do something about it, they'd probably just ignore my letter anyway.

June 18 - I went to the library today to return some books before they got overdue and super expensive. As I was getting out of my car this lady (she was really nice) calls over and tells me that my front tire is flat. So I return my books and call AAA (Hey that's why I pay for it),  So the guy comes (also very nice) and he fills my tire up with air because apparently it has a slow leak or something. Anyhow the guy looks at my front tires and tells me that in a few thousand miles I'll need to get new tires because the tread is at or near the legal limit of wear. This freaks me out because I had a really bad scary accident once that was caused by bad tires. So now I'm thinking I have to buy two new tires. Plus he was feeling around my tires (because he was nice enough to check all my tires for correct pressure) and he told me my rotor needs to be turned or something. I can't believe this. I left my house thinking my car was okay and then I drove home in what might be a deathtrap. Damn this is long. Hrmm. I gotta go buy a lottery ticket. 

June 17 - I went out today to shop, ie look at stuff I can't afford to buy, and as I'm walking through the parking lot this woman in an SUV almost backs right over me. Now I'm not really a fan of SUVs because the people who drive them sometimes act like they are invincible. While this may be the case when I'm standing behind one in a parking lot, I am not. Come on people. How hard is it to look before you back up?

June 16 - I had to go to the store today to get some stuff. Mostly just household junk, laundry detergent, cat litter, etc. Anyway I haven't bought stuff in a while so I had to buy a lot and when I got to the checkout my total was like $75. I mean it really isn't fair because nothing I bought was even remotely fun.  There should be a law that boring necessary stuff can't be that expensive. 

June 13 - I was at the gas station today and this old man in a really expensive car parked so it was impossible for me to get out without hitting him. Then when I tried to he gave me a dirty look. So when he wasn't looking, I stole his hubcaps. 

June 12- I had to go to the bank again today so I could deposit a check I got from selling some stuff on eBay and it just happened to be around lunchtime so there was a line. I wasn't really annoyed about the line so much I mean it was my fault that I went to the bank at lunch time. The thing that got to me was that they only had two tellers. How can they only have two tellers at lunch time. There was a third person behind the counter but she was filling her coin dispenser. At one point there were like ten people in line and there she was still calmly putting pennies and quarters, just a few at a time, into the dispenser. She had a huge pile of those paper roll things all shredded in front of her and she seemed totally oblivious to the growing line. To make this situation even more annoying is that right in front of me was this kissy face couple. They were more interested in each other than in the line and so they wouldn't move up as the line did. I don't know if this means I'm old or bitter or both but I found them extremely annoying.

June 11 - Today I was driving through a super crowded parking lot at Costco and there was some stupid lady in a giant Mercedes SUV. First of all, A Mercedes SUV. How pretentious can you get? But that's not all of it. As I was trying to back my car out of a space this woman in this giant SUV comes barreling down the row going the wrong direction. If I had been just a bit farther out my car would have been smooshed. Although it may be sad that it wasn't because I bet someone who drive a Mercedes SUV probably has pretty good insurance.

June 10 - So I'm in the bank today and the line is super long. I was starving because I hadn't had a chance to eat lunch yet and the line was going super slow. Then some guy from the whole desk area came over and offered to help people who had non-cash transactions. I of course was depositing some cash. This is something that only happens when I have a cash transaction. Every time I have a non- cash transaction these people are just sitting at their desk checking their horoscope on the internet.