July Timewasters 

July 31 - We're pretty lucky to live in such a cool country I figure it wouldn't hurt to learn more about it. That said the following is a link to our constitution. It makes for some pretty interesting reading.


July 30 - This is a great site. If you hear an odd phrase and don't want to look dumb, rush right home click on this site, look it up, and you're happy as Larry. Bob's your Uncle and you're saved from embarrassment. Okay so that's a bit much but I've been accused of chewing up the scenery.  


July 29 - I was talking to a friend of mine about weddings today. This is all I'll need to plan mine. I see Elvis in my future and I'm not talking about at Burger King.


July 28 - I ran into this lady I've known forever in the mall the other day and she gave me a pen with this web site on it so I thought I'd check it out and it's pretty funny. Frank has done way more cool stuff than I have lately.


July 25 - Do you ever wish you had the perfect thing to say? Now you can go to this site and you will always sound intelligent and cultured.


July 24 - Don't you hate it when you sing the wrong words to a song when you're in the car with that hottie you're hoping desperately to impress? Well check out this site dedicated to that very problem. Find people who have misheard lyrics much worse than you.


July 23 - Trying to figure out what that dream you had last night means. Maybe it means you'll find a job or true love or come into money. Or maybe it just means that you ate something you shouldn't have right before bed. Either way find out here.


July 22 - This is the only yacht club most of us can afford to join. at only $35 it's a total bargain. Of course Groom Lake doesn't actually have any water in it.


July 21 - Hey if you're a crazy cat, cast an eyeball at this cool site. With this site fun is made in the shade. Plus it will teach you the best response if someone says DDT to you. Well I gotta agitate the gravel man.


July 18 - This man wants to take away your right to express your online sadness, well sort of :( . They are willing to compromise of course. Well just read the article. There's also some funny stuff in the demotivators section. (I know it's mostly an online store, but the 'corporate spin' is pretty funny.) 


July 17 - I love bubble wrap, of course it's not quite the same when you pop them on the computer. Do people even use bubble wrap anymore? I haven't gotten any in a package in ages.



July 16 - All the world loves a clown, except for the people that are scared of them.  



July 15 - It's all about the circus today. Learn more about the circus then you ever wanted to know. I have never gone to one unless Cirque de Sole counts.  It was really cool, but I fell asleep because we saw a 10:00 show.


July 14 - I don't know how I got through life not knowing who the most famous monkeys in history are. Check out Crap's contribution (and no I'm not making that name up).



July 11 - This isn't really a timewaster, more of an opportunity to do a good deed today. Donate some time or money to Operation Mom. I think we owe our troops a bunch of thanks, the least we can do is send them some stuff to make life a little better. After all, every one of them is someone's son or daughter.



July 10 - This site claims to be the most annoying web page and it sort of succeeds, but in kind of a funny way. Visit it if you have a fair amount of time, but not if your boss is about to walk in and hates it when you're on the internet. This is a good link to send to people who annoy you with some cute comment like 'this is the best site ever.' Especially if their boss hates when they're online.


July 9 - This site makes me think of that scene in Better Off Dead right after Lane gets dumped and he's driving in the car and all the break-up songs are playing on the radio so he  throws it out of the car. Or maybe it's just a good place for ideas for that post break-up tape you'll make and play over and over again until your roommate throws it away.


July 8 - This site cracks me up. If you loved the lamp that the dad won in Christmas Story, then this web site is for you.


July 7 - This is a pretty cool thing. There is a ghost in this picture. It's kind of by the window. Someone sent me this link and it really scared me. You kind of have to stare for a minute or so before you see anything. I swear I could hear something too so turn up your speaker.


July 3 - Since I'm taking the day off tomorrow I wanted to leave something a bit patriotic for the Fourth of July. So look at this link today, and tomorrow go to a parade.


**July 2 - Thanks to Cassey for sending this one in. It totally cracked me up. Some of the stuff on the St. Patrick's Day list was really funny.  


July 1 - You gotta respect the fact that this guy refuses to sell out to that whole newfangled fancy pictures everywhere, disappearing this and reappearing that. This guy embraces his boringness proudly. Way to go.




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