July Brick Wall

July  28 - Ok so it's all out now my real name is Bridget and I am trying to run for governor. In general it's been a really great experience. The one thing that was sort of annoying or embarrassing was that they kept having the line that was something like anyone can run for governor and just about anyone is. Then they showed that adult film star chick and then me. Honestly how is anyone actually going to take me seriously after an intro like that.  

July  21 - The weather was super hot this weekend and I had to drive somewhere about two hours away. My car doesn't have air conditioning, or I guess it has it, but it doesn't actually work. So I had to either drive with the windows up and practically melt, or drive with the windows down and inhale massive amounts of (very slowly moving) truck fumes. Yuck.

July 14 - I went to the store to get something and then I went and bought a whole bunch of other stuff and completely forgot what I went there for. I do this all the time now. I think unemployment is turning my brain to mush.

July 11 - Nothing really bad happened today. To be honest, that in itself is kinda annoying. 

July 10 - So I got this really cool software program today that allows you to build roller coasters. Unfortunately it won't run on my computer even though it says it supports my operating system. Then it says you might need to upgrade something, but the software for that is included. The problem is that the software that is included to upgrade doesn't work with my current operating system. Damn, I hope I can take it back.

July 9 - The news was all bad today. I think sometimes I want to run away and find a cabin somewhere really far away from everyone where there are no newspapers and no TV so I don't have to hear about the bad stuff in the world.

July 8 - I was painting a ceiling today and I had one of those really long rollers. Unfortunately it was a cheap roller and it kept coming apart. So I would get a whole bunch painted and then it would come apart and scrape part of it off. So after about fifteen minutes I had paint all over my hands from putting the roller back on repeatedly. Then because I kept having to repaint the messed up areas I ran out of paint. I just don't understand it, it looks so easy on Trading Spaces.

July 7 - I'm helping this friend of mine with her website and for some reason every time we put up these certain pages, everything else gets overwritten. I'm no web site guru so it took me like a half hour to fix this problem.  If anyone knows what caused this or how to keep it from happening again, please feel free to email me and explain. 

July 3 - This happened to a friend of mine yesterday. I have to admit it's pretty bad. She was getting her kid's car seat out of her car and he climbed into her friend's truck. Then he (collective gasp) released the parking break and the truck proceeded to roll down the hill. She managed to get it to stop, but first she broke her foot in 2 places. Now that's a bad day. 

July 2 - I was running some errands today and I got stuck on a big long street where they had road construction. I couldn't go any other way because this street was the only way. So anyhow, the two lanes merge into one, at an extremely slow pace and the car next to me won't let me in. This is something I will never understand. You're basically stuck in traffic, how is being one car length ahead really going to help you? 

July 1 - Ok so I'm reading the new Harry Potter book because I'm just like everyone else I suppose, and not as unique as I'd like to believe. Anyhow, as I'm reading I realize that it's been so long since the last book that I am not getting most of the references to what happened before. I'm like, 'Who are these people' and 'What are they talking about, who did what when?' Very Annoying. Oh and the person from June 25th was right.



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