January What To Watch


January 29 - Today's movie stars Samuel L. Jackson, so you know it's cool. I think it's one of those badass teacher movies, but to be honest it only sounds vaguely familiar to me. So watch 187 today and find out if I'm right.

USA 1:30pm (1997) Kelly Rowan

January 28 - If you thought Seven-Up was just a drink, how wrong you are. They are apparently also an undercover police squad in today's pick, The Seven Ups.

AMC 10:20am (1973) Roy Scheider

January 27 -Okay, so it's called The Human Comedy, but it's a drama. Those wacky Hollywood people. It's a story about a small-town family during WWII and it stars Mickey Rooney.

TCM 10:30am (1943)  

January 26 - Can't you just see Willie Nelson as a outlaw who helps a younger bad guy who's on the run? Of course you can, watch Barbarosa today.

AMC 4:00pm (1982) Gary Busey

January 23 - I always heard about this movie, but I never got the chance to see it and now I can. It's called The Day The Earth Stood Still, and it's about a guy from another planet who wants us to be more peaceful. Huh, and I always thought it was about the earth standing still. See, you learn something new everyday.

AMC 1:00pm (1951) Michael Rennie

January 22 - Feel like you don't get to see enough of celebrities playing golf with people who play golf for a living? I thought so, Watch a little of the Bob Hope Classic today and fill the void.

USA 4:00

January 21 - James Bond, Sean Connery style. I'm not a super huge fan of Bond films, but I've always liked Sean Connery. Although I was a fan of Roger Moore. He was Bond too wasn't he? He was really great in The Saint. I wonder why they never show that on TVLand. Also, how come no Wild Wild West reruns. That was a really cool show. Anyhow, check out Dr. No today.

AMC 3:15pm (1962) Sean Connery

January 20 - Ever wish you could be 'Discovered' by a famous Hollywood agent? Well, I can't help you there, but you can live vicariously through the star of today's movie,  Wouldn't It Be Great. Okay, so this is actually a spoof about a waitress who gets discovered, but it looks amusing.  I know it's early, but it's probably less depressing than the morning news.

TCM 7:00am (1949) Jack Carson

January 19 - Dan Akroyd's a funny guy. In today's pick he is a professor who poses as a criminal.  I think that sounds a little odd, I mean why would someone  pose as a criminal. Maybe it's a school project or something. I guess I'll have to watch it and find out.

AMC 3:30 (1984) Dan Akroyd

January 16 - I'm a big fan of Monk. If you've never watched it today's your chance. Since Monk returns with a new episode tonight, USA is showing back to back episodes all day from  8-5 so watch an episode or two. Plus if you figure out the mystery first, you can feel all superior and stuff.

USA 8-5 Tony Shaloub, Bitty Shram

January 15 - If you were ever on a plane that was forced to land in the desert, wouldn't you want someone who was calm and dependable like Jimmy Stewart. Well obviously you'd rather not land there at all, but still. Anyway. watch how well Stewart handles the situation in today's pick Flight of the Phoenix.

AMC 2:15pm (1966) James Stewart, Peter Finch

January 14 - Remember the time that you got out on parole and plotted revenge. Alright so you didn't, but the chick in today's movie does, Apparently it doesn't go as well as she planned because it's called Bittersweet instead of Really Cool or something equally positive. 

USA 11:00am (1999) Angie Everhart

January 13 - It's a Date, well actually it's a movie about a mother and daughter and their lives in show business. Well show business in 1940 or so. oh and it's a musical. Although I must say the title is a bit deceptive. Sounds more like a '90's trying to be '80's teen movie. 

TCM  3:00pm (1940) Kay Francis

January 12 - Face it, Orson Wells knew how to do scary. Hopefully he also knew how to do thrilling. Find out in today's pick Touch of Evil. It also has Charleton Heston and Janet Leigh, best known for her role in Psycho. 

AMC 10:30am (1958)

January 9 - Today's pick must be good. I mean it won 5 Oscars. Apparently it's the portrait of a Hollywood heel. That's old time speak for a big fat jerk. So watch the Bad and the Beautiful today.

TCM 11:30am (1952) Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner

January 8 - Well you know how much I like Vegas. So in honor of that I have picked Viva Las Vegas as today's, well, pick. It's Elvis at his tackiest. Such a great movie, Okay so I've never actually seen it. Still, they did name a hotel after it in Vegas. I'm totally going to get married there. I wonder if Elvis could walk me down the aisle. Anyway watch Viva Las Vegas today.

TCM 3:30pm (1964) Ann Margaret

January 7 - When I saw the title of today's pick, Twelve O'Clock High, I thought it was one of those dumb movies networks used to make in the '80's with all of their young hip stars. I think Brian Bloom was in like a thousand of those. Anyway, I was wrong, it's actually a war movie, but what the heck, watch it anyway.

AMC 1:15pm (1949) Gregory Peck

January 6 - Yaayy it's another one of those great disaster movies that I like so much. So you're unemployed, at least you're not trying to survive a new ice age brought on by the sun dying out.  Plus as an added bonus today's pick, Ice, has Grant Show, the hottie from Melrose Place.

USA 9:00am (2000)


January 5 - I was sold on today's pick when it was billed as a romantic chase film. Plus it apparently  has a bunch of international intrigue and  Gregory Peck. Seriously how can you go wrong.with Arabesque 

AMC 11:25am (1966) Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren