January Timewasters 

January 29 - If you haven't heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, then you've probably been living under a rock. Let me just say that I am the best ever at this game. Anyhow, if you're a fan or just curious about the game, visit today's link. And because Kevin wasn't enough for these cool people, they added a few twists on the game. 



January 28 – Once I had this date with this guy. It was a friend of a friend so I didn’t know him that well. Anyhow, the first thing he does when we get seated is yell at the server as he’s trying to tell us the specials – hello. Okay not only is it not cool to be rude for absolutely no reason, this is the person who will be handling our food, the stuff we’re going to eat, and I’m starving. This guy was dumb and a jerk.  Anyhow, I didn’t see anything about him on today’s site, but I might have missed it.  Let me just say, if you read this website, the next time you go into a restaurant, you’ll probably think twice about being mean to a server. As well you should, because seriously how hard is it to be polite. And no I’ve never been a server. I hostessed for a while, but never served anything except drinks and not even that very often, because I spilled things.



January 27 – I know you were just thinking that it’s been a while since I suggested a site that was filled with random yet fascinating facts. You were probably sitting at your desk wondering who it was who invented the paperclip.  Trying to figure out what year the academy awards were held twice in.   Wishing you knew how many languages were spoken in the world. You know, stuff like that. Well here you go.




January 26 – Read about these really cool women and what they did during World War II. Once people are gone, their stories will be too. So read this, get inspired and ask an older person to tell you about their life. 



January 23 – Tired of playing the same old boring games? Wish that you could come up with something new, sort of interesting and almost completely pointless to do with your time? Some people are WAY ahead of you.



January 22 - Ever wish you could see live pictures from interesting and far away cities? Now you can.



January 21 – I read somewhere that McDonalds is mad because now they have the word McJob in the dictionary as a word meaning something like a crappy dead end job. I can understand that might be bad for their image, but come on. So then, I was just wondering what it would be like to be a McDonalds employee. Okay I wasn’t really. But if you were, you can find out here.



January 20 – So many holidays, so little time to learn what they’re all about. Today’s site has a cool listing of holidays (with the all important how many days until counter) and information on each. Learn something new and don’t freak out 339 days is plenty of time to finish your Christmas shopping.



January 19 – If a regular film picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a digital picture worth? No one knows. What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. I do want to say though, that a Polaroid picture a day makes a cool site.


January 16 - Ever want to confuse someone who is bugging you? Try today’s link and you’ll find a whole bunch of random sentences that sound like they should mean something but don’t really. These would be good to say in a very authoritative voice and then excuse yourself before anyone figured them out.



January 15  – Need a good alias for the bar scene. Hate your given name and want desperately to change it? Maybe you just got a new puppy or kitten and you need a good not cliché name for it. Today's link can help you out. Plus if you got a goldfish and you don’t know whether it’s a girl fish or a boy fish they’ve got that covered with a host of names that work either way.



January 14 – I’m not really sure what to say about this site. I guess you would just look at it out of plain old curiosity and stuff, or maybe to win a bet. Yeah I guess it could help with that.  


January 13 - Not sure if something is true or not? Well you can check it out at today’s site. Lots of random type stories and email hoaxes. Just think when someone sends you the latest dumbass email promising something random, you can email back, perhaps with a link and tell them how much cooler you are than them.



January 12 – Face it, life is stressful. I mean the holidays are finally over, but now we have all those rashly made New Years Resolutions to deal with. Plus sitting at a computer all day long staring at a screen. I think we could probably all use a little help relaxing.  May I suggest trying this site?


January 9 – Did you ever dream of the day you could be so rich that you could open up a theme park near your hometown and name it after yourself just like Walt Disney? Not only did Dolly have that dream, she actually did it. How cool is that. I saw a special on the Travel Channel about it and I totally think it’d be a cool place to visit. Hey if anyone’s been there send me an email and tell me about it. If you haven’t check out their web site.


January 8  – I’m sure that at some time during the holiday season, you looked at something, either in the store or just unwrapped in your living room, and thought, ‘Who would buy that?’ That’s what these people did, but instead of shaking their heads, they created a whole website about it.


January 7 - Who would use random numbers? I don’t know. What would you use them for? Haven’t got a clue. What do you do when you need to make a decision and can’t find a coin? Use an online one. Where would you find a random number generator/random coin flipper? Look at today’s link of course.


January 6 - Are crop circles created by space aliens as they land their oddly shaped ships on this planet we call home? Or; are these intricate designs made by artistic humans who like freaking people out?



January 5 – This is kinda cool. Think you’re having a tough winter? Imagine being one of Washington’s brave soldiers at Valley Forge. Freezing cold, and without adequate food, still they pressed on. Wow even back then, before we were even an actual recognized country we had a cool military. Today, find out about the men who served there. 




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