January Brick Wall


January 26 - I know people all over the country hate hearing those two dreaded words.... SMOG CHECK.  I think it's even worse in California. I mean I'm all for clean air and whatnot, but I have the feeling I'm getting screwed. See my car is older so I have to take it to a TEST ONLY station. Here is why this is dumb. If my car is less likely to pass as they claim (the stated reason I must use a test only station) than wouldn't it make more sense for me to take it somewhere where it could actually be fixed if it didn't pass?  I'm so impressed with the state government not being able to understand how illogical that is. 

January 19 - Okay so I've always wondered why it is that people will risk your life and their's just to be in front of you on the road. I almost got clobbered the other day on the freeway, because after I merged and went ahead to where it was a full lane and shoulder, this guy comes from right behind me on the shoulder and then cuts in front of me. Then he stayed right in front of me in the traffic for the next five miles. Gee it was sure worth it for him to get in front of me. 

January 12 - Argggh more computer problems. I'm having some sort of problem with my power cord and my computer keeps randomly shutting itself off. It will flash this message that I must plug it in because the battery is about to die and then I yell at it that it is plugged in and a moment later it dies. Not surprisingly, this works much better for the computer for me. Mostly because people look at me weird when I start yelling at inanimate objects. 

January 5 - So I got this Bank of America gift card last Christmas from my sister. I didn't spend it right away, because I was saving it till I really needed it or till I found something I really wanted to use it on. As sometimes happens I forgot it was there. I know I know stupid. Anyway, I finally found something that I really wanted so I went hunting for it. I call to activate it and... They tell me it has expired. HUH? 

First of all I must say, that in CA it is illegal for gift cards from stores to expire, but apparently that doesn't apply to Bank of America. So I'm really pissed and I ask the woman if that means the card is no good now. She says no they can send me a new one. The only catch is that it will cost me almost 20% of the value of the card. What a ripoff. Of course I said okay because I didn't want to lose all the money, but come on. They are charging me a fee because I didn't spend the money that I was given fast enough. I will admit it was over a year old, but I still feel like I should be allowed to have the full amount. I mean if I stuck money away, it would still be worth the same amount in a year.  

I guess this sort of thing depends on the company. I once went into Express and spent a gift certificate that was 5 years old (I lost it when I moved and found it when I going through unopened boxes looking for something). Not only did they take the gift certificate - I got a great red dress - but they were excited because I broke their store record for oldest gift certificate redeemed. Bank of America could take a lesson from them. Update - I got my card in the mail today and it appears it is for the full amount. Maybe my bitching did some good. Which just goes to show, I should bitch about stuff more.