I wanna go on vacation. That's the thing about being unemployed, you can never escape it. When you work, every minute you aren't at work is a little mini-break. Oh yeah and you can actually afford to go on vacation.

Okay, I can hear all you employed people screaming at me. I know, working is hard. And tiring. All day everyday. I get it. Never time off to go on vacation. Poor you. Alright so I sound bitter. I'm not really, I just ran out of chocolate and well, never mind. 

I am just tired of never being able to hop on a plane and leave it all behind. It gets exhausting always being the unemployed one. I want to be upbeat, but sometimes I just want to smack people. 

Although if I'm honest, I've always had a low tolerance for idiots. So maybe I just wanted to smack stupid people even before I lost my job. Who knows. Some days I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, how am I supposed to remember my reaction to annoying people over two years ago.

So anyway, what was I talking about? Chocolate? Damn, I'm out. Oh I know, vacation. So I want to go where the bright lights shine and the bells ring. I wanna go to Vegas. I am experiencing serious withdrawals. Some people play solitaire when  they're bored. I play Blackjack. While other people are learning new job skills and I'm trying to learn how to count cards. 

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I actually applied for a random job in Las Vegas on the off chance they'd want to interview me and I'd have an excuse to take the trip.

I think I might be addicted to Las Vegas, I wonder if there's some sort of twelve step program for that?



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