I think therefore I am ....A Pirate?

Friday was a very weird day at temp-work. I had almost nothing to do and there was a weird pirate guy wandering the halls. This may have something to do with Halloween, (the weird pirate guy that is) but who knows. I mean I've been out of work so long that may just be how things work now.  And after all wouldn't that make the world a better place. Well the working world? I mean even if you hate your job, you can come dressed up as a pirate and spend the whole day pretending you're really a pirate. Walking the halls, stealing candy. Then when you sit in your office moving paper around you can still feel like you're living the dream.

I'm not so sure this would work for everyone. Partly because all attire wouldn't be appropriate and partly because lots of dream jobs wear regular clothes. But isn't that what all these stupid self help books say, fake it till you make it, dream it till you do it and all that? Wait I think I might have something here. So if I wanted to be a dive instructor (Nobody Panic I'm not delusional, just making a point) would I come to work every day in full scuba gear. Urmmm probably be too heavy. Maybe a wetsuit, after all these places are pretty cold.
Okay so I'm starting to see some (minor) flaws in my theory. But just think how much better you would know your co-workers. After all a person's dream is at the heart of who they are. Maybe you'd find out that that guy you couldn't stand actually harbored a deep secret desire to be a Shakespearian actor. Like that Master Thespian guy from SNL. I think I actually met him in real life (not the actor, a guy who was the living epitome of the character). Now you might not have anything in common with this guy still, but you could laugh at him because he was walking around in tights. Unless he had way better legs than you.
Maybe this would be the way to go for finding love at work too. If you came to work dressed as a veterinarian and a girl/guy you work with came in as same, you could fall in love quit your crappy jobs go back to school and open a vet practice together. True love and a new career, how could you beat that? Alright none of this makes any sense, I blame it on the large amount of candy floating through the office today. I have to go find some more chocolate, I'm going through withdrawals.


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