Hanging By A String

I remember reading somewhere once how people who lived through the depression save everything because they never know if they'll need it. So they save string and rubber bands and tinfoil. It was as though they felt like they could always see another bad time coming and wanted to be prepared.

I wonder sometimes if I will turn out like that, but in a slightly different way. Since I've been without a permanent job for so long, I wonder if I will ever feel like a job I have will last long term. I know it sounds silly. Like I'm borrowing trouble, but life is so uncertain now. The days when you would join a company at 22 and retire at 65 are gone and  will probably never return. So is there any sort of security in this world at all?

I don't have any easy answers or any answers at all really. Or maybe just no answers that have to do with work. I think the key is to live a life where work is just a small part of it. To fill your life with people and things that make you happy regardless of whether or not you have a title. I know I sound like Oprah and I know that lately some of my Tales have been a bit on the corny side. Maybe even, dare I say, Preachy. I don't mean to be and I apologize. Maybe I've been watching too much lifetime.

I think in a way I'm just trying to sort things out. I'm trying to figure out what direction to go and what life is supposed to mean. See here I sound a bit Doctor Phil. Now how's that for corny.

Anyway I've decided to try and write funner things (Yes I know that's not a word). None of the other site stuff will change, just here in Tales.  I'm not sure what I'll write about, just more random stuff. That's not to say I'll never write about unemployed stuff again, just that for right now I won't.