February What to Watch

February 27 - Wanna get away? Watch Around The World in 80 Days today. 

TCM 7:00am (1956) 

February 26 - Today's pick has a one armed man (Spencer Tracey) - who in reality has two arms, and you can probably tell he's faking the one arm thing since this movie is pre-special effects - Anyway this guy battles sinister people in a desert town. So if this sounds interesting watch Bad Day at Black Rock today.

TCM 3:30pm (1954) Anne Frances

February 25 - Learn a little history by watching the story of that WWII flying fortress 'Mary Ann'. Sounds cool doesn't it?

TCM 1:00pm (1943) John Garfield

February 24 - Nothing I like more than a good diamond heist. And if a movie has one it's a definite winner. If it has Robert Redford too, then so much the better. So watch The Hot Rock today.

AMC 1:15pm (1972) George Seal

February 23 - No one did thrillers better than Hitchcock and today's pick Suspicion is supposed to be one of his best. So check it out and see if you can catch his cameo. I hear he has one in all of his movies.

TCM 11:00am (1941) Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine

February 20 - I'm not much of a fan of Henry Fonda, but I've always loved James Cagney so I'm recommending Mister Roberts based on the fact that he's in it. And while we're talking about it, how come they never show Yankee Doodle Dandy on TV anymore?

TCM 1:00pm (1955)

February 19 - Think the way to riches is to marry well? Take a lesson from Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable today in How to Marry a Millionaire. After all they say you can fall in love with a rich man as easy as a poor man or my personal favorite, don't marry for money, but don't go courting where there is none. 

AMC 7:15am (1953) Lauren Bacall

February 18 - What do you get when you put Gene Kelly together with the music of Lerner and Lowe and put them in a town that only awakens once every hundred years? Brigadoon of course. Watch it today.

TCM 11:00am (1954) Cyd Charisse

February 17 - Remember the time your son got kidnapped in Latin America and you had to go look for him? Okay so that didn't really happen to you, but it happened to Jack Lemmon in Missing and you can find out how that turned out today. Besides I read this study that if you don't get out of the house very much and watch too much TV you start to think of characters as real people you know, so it's kinda like it happened to someone you know.

AMC 12:30 (1982) 

February 16 - Celebrate Presidents' Day by watching the West Wing Marathon on Bravo. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

Bravo 8am - 8pm

February 13 - Stuck in a tiny apartment and really want to know how to decorate it? Watch This Small Space on H & G today and get some ideas.

H & G 12:30 

February 12 - James Stewart tries to make peace between the whites and the Apaches in today's pick Broken Arrow. I don't know about you, but I like a good old fashioned western now and then. I mean they had good guys and bad guys and they make it really obvious which is which. None of that annoying shades of gray stuff,

AMC 1:30 (1950)  

February 11 - A long kept secret binds four friends in Ghost Story. It stars Fred Astaire, but I'm not sure if it has any dancing 'cause it's a thriller not a musical. Hrmmm.

AMC 1:15pm (1981) Melvyn Douglas

February 10 - Do you know who Ruth Etting is? Well you can find out all about her today by watching Love Me or Leave Me, the story of her life.

TCM 12:30pm (1955) Doris Day

February 9 - Martin and Louis were one of the most famous comedy teams of all time. I've never seen one of their movies and if you haven't either we'll both have our chance. Watch Artists and Models today.

AMC 8:45am (1955) Shirley MacLaine

February 6 - Talk about a wunderkid, Orson Wells was only 25 when he co-wrote, directed, produced and starred in this movie about a famous newspaper guy. I think it's patterned after the man who built that fancy castle in California.  Even if you've never heard of him, watch Citizen Kane today, it's like totally famous.

TCM 8:00am (1941) Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingore

February 5 - A cold war spoof with Alan Arkin and Rob Reiner; sound funny? Apparently it's hilarious. Watch The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming, today and see for yourself.

TCM 1:00pm (1966) 

February 4 - When I was a little kid my mom woke us up really early so we could watch Princess Di marry Prince Charles. If you missed that catch Royal Wedding today. It's got Fred Astaire so you know it'll have good dancing.

TCM 10:30am (1951) Jane Powell, Peter Lawford

February 3 - When I was in Rome I was supposed to go see the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated. I'm not sure why I was supposed to go there, someone I was traveling with wanted to see it. Anyway, if I had gone there I could compare the movie to reality, but since I didn't I guess I'll just have to take the director's word for it. Watch Julius Caesar today.

TCM 1pm (1953) 

February 2 - I know it's early, but it's John Candy, perhaps one of the funniest men that ever lived. Plus everything I ever heard about him sounded like he was just a great guy. Watch him today in Going Berserk, the story of a hapless chauffeur who is engaged to the daughter of a politician. 

AMC 8:30am (1983)



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