February Timewasters


February 27   - Someday we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection, maybe we should look at today's link.



February 26 - Let us pay homage to that all purpose utensil that makes our lives just that much easier. I'm talking of the spork of course.



February 25 - I want to do my part to save the world, but I'm just so lazy. If you're like me then today's link is for you. Save the world without going out into it.



February 24 - I don't really like rats, I think they're kind of creepy. What, what's that you say? These are Fancy Rats, oh well then OK.



February 23 - I know it seems like there are a lot of problems in the world, but we mustn't forget the sad state of our friends the garden gnomes. Find out more about their fate at today's link.



February 20 - So this site looked vaguely familiar to me, but I looked at all my old timewasters and didn't see it and it's interesting so even if I had a similar site before, this site's still worth a look.



February 19 - Next time someone tells you to get rid of all your empties, tell them you're a collector and show them this site.



February 18 - The town where I grew up has this light bulb that's been burning for over a hundred years. They celebrate this and even created a website about it, but if I leave a light on all day I get yelled at.



February 17 - Nothing says fun like magnets, except maybe this site about experiments you can do with magnets.



February 16 - Today we celebrate the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington. Personally I think their contributions were such that they should each have their own day, but I guess we can't have too much time off. Anyhow, to really appreciate what they and other presidents have done for us, check out today's link.



February 13 - So I was watching the West Wing last night and one of the guys was talking about a rover-type thing  being sent to outer space. In addition to messages in multiple languages they also included music. I'm sure if what he was talking about was true (I know probably not but it was kinda cool). He said that one of the songs sent was by a guy named Blind Willie. From what he said about Blind Willie, he sounded really interesting so I found a link and decided to share it with you today.



February 12 - I love candles, but I never thought of making my own. Until I saw this website that is. Okay so I still won't be making my own candles, but if you want to, or even if you don't, check out this site.



February 11 - I was wondering what link to use today. After a fruitless search, I typed dumbass into a search engine and came up with this link. It's kinda amusing.



February 10 - I've been temping off and on for a while If you've never temped and are wondering what it's like check out today's site.  



February 9 - Have you ever tried to use something and thought, 'Wow this is really poorly designed.' This guy did and he made a whole website around the idea. It's pretty cool.



February 6 -  Another Simpson's link.  I know I've had a bunch already, but this is pretty neat, make sure you check out the new book excerpts. Who knew Bart and Homer were a cultural phenomenon.?



 February 5 Ever thought it would be cool to learn more about Greek mythology but found everything on the topic to be boring and difficult to get through? Well today's site will save you from all that. It gives you the basics you need to know. Can't tell the difference between        HERA  and ARES, well then this  site's for you.



February   4 Apparently it's a lost art.


February  3 - Say something witty and intelligent today, don't worry you don't have to think of it yourself.



February 2 -  Are you a fan of game shows? I have to tell you, I never thought I was until I got the Game Show Network and now I watch all the old school shows, like Match Game. Anyway, you can find out about that game and others at today's site. 




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