Episode 2 

Everyone yells, Rocco finally remembers how to get to the restaurant and Most Hated Bartender Guy arrives

In this episode, we got a lot of Drew. This is bad for Drew (see episode 1) if we had seen less of him, it might make him look less, well, annoying. But Drew has some competition in the annoying world championships tonight when the new bartender arrives. The best way to describe this guy is, if Bruce Jenner and Shaun Cassidy had a baby it would be this guy. He also seems to be channeling Violet with the chaotic gum chewing. Even before he starts work he's annoying, but once behind the bar he's smarminess at it's most unpalatable. He refuses to do anything the older bartenders ask him and he's just an ass about everything.
This totally reminds me of this chick I worked with VERY briefly. I had hired her to replace me (Sadly she seemed the best of a very sad bunch still dot com time and such). I was leaving by my own choice, but this girl had some idea in her head that I was a horrible employee. She went around talking about how SHE would do a good job not the horrible job I was doing apparently. The day before I left, I went to her office to talk to her and she was on a personal call. Instead of getting off the phone she did that annoying phone down thing that people do when they don't think you're important enough to get off the phone for. Plus after my little going away thing, she was so drunk she threw up on my bosses BRAND NEW CAR (only on the outside luckily). She only lasted a month or so and then they begged me to come back. Anyhow this chick was totally disrespectful.
Hey you know who has a problem with people being disrespectful? Drew of course. All this punk kid talks about all the time is how disrespectful people are towards him and how he won't tolerate it. Uh yeah dumbass people are really going to respect you. Let's see, you got this job cause your mommy and daddy 'know people' you've probably never really worked in your life and the first thing you ask is if you can tell people what to do. Oh were do I start?

Drew is everywhere in tonight's episode, being as annoying as possible. He, and I know this will shock you, knows how to do everything. Also he seems to think that he is completely free from any sort of supervision. See they totally teased this like Drew was a spy. If this is the case, he is the absolute worst spy ever. With the possible exception of Lauren on Alias.

I could go on forever about how annoying Drew is, but he's not really worth it. The only good news from this episode is that Drew gets fired. In really public way in front of the whole restaurant and of course the cameras. I was yelled at in front of a full restaurant by my boss too once and I can tell you it's kind of embarrassing. Although in my case I was taking the blame for a mistake made by a someone I worked with who really couldn't afford to lose her job rather than being a smarmy annoying rich kid, so it didn't bother me as much. But anyway Drew gets fired and kicked out by Rocco and calls Geoff to whine about it and gets only minimum of sympathy and then can't get a cab so he may have to 'gasp' walk. Not Drew's night at all, but it is good for those of us who really want to believe that karma will eventually get all of those smarmy people who seem to float through life at the cost of the rest of us.

Anyhow, the next day Drew meets with Geoff and is as shocked as the rest of us when he gets fired again. OK so not fired again, but his firing is reiterated. Rocco has a heart to heart with his girlfriend in an obviously staged pillow talk scene.  Oh also at some point Geoff gives an ultimatum to Rocco and asks him if he really wants to stay at the restaurant. Rocco of course says I want to stay. Then Geoff says no don't tell me now, then they go back and forth on that for a while with no resolution.

This episode ends with a tearful Rocco crying to someone (assumedly his girlfriend) about how he may lose the restaurant. I my have left something or other out of this review, but seriously these people were annoying. Plus how staged can this stuff get. Well, I guess we'll see in the next episode.



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