Episode 1 - Smarminess, tears and why Do we NEVER see anyone wash their hands?

When we last left the crew of the restaurant, they were hanging out in the Hamptons pretending to like each other and sniping about bathing suits and random hook-ups. Well the crew minus Gideon who was shown by a camera crew forlornly watching the fun (and I use the term loosely) bus drive away. I must take a moment to interject something that has bugged me since last season... why didn't the stupid camera guys give him a ride? I understand the whole reality TV thing, but what's that principle thing, Heisenberg or something, that says the fact that the show is being taped affects the reality of it or something. Someone give Gideon a ride to the beach. If you have to trade him out get rid of that stupid Pete guy with the bad jokes who thinks offending people is funny and that the offended have no sense of humor. Seriously Pete, it's not that you weren't ready or the audience wasn't good. You just weren't funny.
Anyhow, poor tips and complaining tourists seem to have done what Rocco may have been unable to do, they have weeded out most of the annoying wait staff and many of the nice ones too. Also poor money making has caused a new more vocal addition to the er uh cast. Geoffrey Chodrow the owner of the restaurant, or at least the guy with the money. See, he actually was hoping to make money on this venture rather than simply fund whiny Rocco's dream restaurant. Seriously, some people. He wants to make money? What is he in business or something. Oh yeah, I guess he is.
So anyhow, Geoff comes in and sits at a table and talks smack about Rocco for an entire meal. I'm sure it's just an accident that his waitress (the most gossipy one of the bunch- you get more screen time that way) happens to hear every single word. Of course she has to report said words in great detail to anyone who will listen because hey it's not like these people really expect to get their food hot or even at all really.
So, long story long, In the season's first episode we find a restaurant populated almost entirely by people we've never seen before. We also get to see a disgruntled coat check girl who thought she was going to be a hostess. I've got news for you honey, I was a hostess for a restaurant owned by a man very much like Rocco. There were days I would have paid good money to escape to a job as a coat check girl. I know you might not get as much camera time, but you get much less Drew.
See how smooth that transition was. Ah Drew, what to say about Drew. I think that every one of you in your life has met a Drew. The snotty know-it-all rich kid who's daddy gets him a job at which SKIARK decides to throw his weight around. I believe the first words out of Drew's mouth had something to do with correcting people when he saw something wrong. And you know he would know, being a snooty rich kid and all, I'm sure he would know exactly how to bus a table or seat people in a restaurant.
I think Drew may even have asked if he could fire people, but it was a whole week ago that I saw it so I can't be sure. Also I must make a mere mention (more in next episode review) about how Drew, who doesn't even look old enough to drink goes on and on about his 15 years experience in the restaurant business. This is the kind of guy you could hate on principle, but you don't have to. Because well Drew gives you plenty of concrete  reasons to despise him.
Most of the drama of our first episode though focuses on Rocco and Geoff. Rocco it seems is very busy and frequently inappropriate. I'm sure anyone who watched last season will have no trouble believing that. Rocco goes to book signings and interviews and takes his friend Italian Tony (Not to be confused with current head chef Tony) who is supposed to be the new chef or something, all around the city on a moped. Not to go into too much detail, all you need to know is that Rocco goes everywhere except the restaurant. Of course this doesn't sit well with Geoff or the thousands of tourists who have decided to camp at their tables and demand to see Rocco. Seriously, after last season, they haven't realized what an inappropriate jerk he is? Maybe they just figure where Rocco is the cameras are and they can tape it and show all their friends that they're on TV.
One place the cameras don't go is into a meeting with Rocco and Geoff. A meeting that takes place oddly in Mama's apartment. No one knows what was said, but according to Geoff, back in the restaurant with gossipy waitress taking his order, all Rocco would say was No Comment repeatedly.
Also at one point Rocco yelled at chef Tony for not knowing something about the specials off the top of his head. Apparently Rocco thought Chef Tony made him look bad. Seriously Rocco you don't need any help in that department. Think of an SAT question A cubs fan is to Steve Bartman as Geoffrey is to you.
I couldn't figure out if Mark wanted me to feel sorry for Rocco or be on Geoff's side. Not being a fan of Rocco's, I was leaning towards Geoff until he hired smarmy Drew, so by the end of the episode I didn't care who got the restaurant as long as I didn't have to eat there.



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