December Timewasters 
December 19 - Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Wal-Mart? Ever wake up screaming from nightmares that you did work there? If so, then this site is for you. I haven't read the whole site yet, but maybe it explains a Wal-Mart employees ability to ignore you when you're standing in front of them asking them a question. I'll definitely have to look into that.

December 18 - This is a site filled with stories that were heard from someone else and are not boring. It's a pretty interesting idea and it makes for a pretty interesting site.


December 17 - I really need to get the print version of Found one of these days. After you look at the site, you'll probably want to get one too. You'll also probably be more careful to not drop things.


December 16 - Ever wonder what the headlines are in Italy or Japan? With today's site you can see the front page of newspapers from 37 different countries. Plus you can take a quiz to see how smart you are and you know how much I love those.


December 15 - Why do people hate clowns? I mean they just want to bring joy to everyone - Or do they? Here's 34 reasons why you should hate 'em too.


December 12 - Now I'm not against Blogs per se. I mean parts of my site might fall into that category, and some of them are interesting. The thing I don't get is why some random person thinks everyone cares what they had for lunch. 

I also know some of the Tales stuff here is personal, but writing about your boyfriend moving out, seems to me to be a bit too personal (unless it's funny of course, then bring it on). Again, someone could accuse me of all the things I fault, so go ahead. And just for the record, I do this cause it's fun not because I wanna be famous someday. At least not for being unemployed, maybe for discovering a cure for some horrid disease well except I'm bad at chemistry so....
 Anyhow, someone shares some of my issues with blogging, and these people are bloggers so they have more right to criticize than me. In response to annoying blogs they created an award for these people. I know!!!!  They totally belong in Hollywood, a town where a week without an award show is like a year without Christmas.  Ok so this is reaching blog proportions so I'll just say check out this site.
December 11 - So I was in the store the other day and I bought this cool new Atari game were it's just the controller and you plug it to the TV and you can play like 10 Atari games. Now I know that games today have better graphics etc, but Atari is still pretty cool to me. I just wish I could get a Stunt Cycle console. Now that was a cool game.
Anyway, if you're nostalgic like me or young enough to not even know what Atari is, take a moment to peruse the online Atari Museum today.

December 10 - Allow me to start by saying I failed Chemistry - horribly and twice. Well I didn't fail the second time I just decided it wasn't for me. 

In my defense I only failed the first time because my teacher was almost blind and I sat next to a girl who was a total talker. Since my teacher was blind he thought I was a total talker and yelled at and picked on me at every opportunity. 
As an odd side note, I was saved a few times by a  guy in the class that I didn't know and wouldn't talk to until months later, but ended up dating briefly at the end of the year before realizing that despite his kind attempts to save me from my tormentor he was pretty much an asshole.
Anyway, long story longer, I never made it to physics, because of this weak pathetic movie physics never bothered me. That is until I saw this website. Now, well, I'm just disgusted with the patheticness of it all.
December 9 - I've never done this stuff, but I've always wanted to. I think I wasted my life following rules and being bored while everyone else was breaking them and doing cool stuff. Definitely check out World Trip 2002. Where they visited among other places a completely abandoned shopping mall near LA. Who knew a shopping mall could close down in Southern California.
I did think it was strange he went to Glasglow and not Edinburgh though since that was a more interesting city to explore - for me at least. Although after reading his account of Glasgow, I feel like my boring day there was a total waste because he found so much cool stuff to see. 
December 8 - I've never been to New York, but I've always thought it would be an interesting experience to ride the subway. The people at this site thought it was interesting enough to write about.

December 5 - I saw this show on the discovery channel where these guys test out all of these stories to see if they could possibly be true. One of the stories was about the rocket car. The guy who created this site has a rocket car story of his own.

December 4 - Remember that old saying, there are no stupid questions? These guys don't agree, but they're willing to attempt to answer them for you anyway.

December 3 -This site kind of defies description, but that's what makes it so cool.

December 2 - This site's really cool. this guy just writes about random stuff but it's interesting.

December 1 - Have you ever been flabbergasted by the shoddy attempts at continuity in TV or film? Seen something on TV or in a movie that SOOOO didn't make sense? Wish you could tell someone? Well this site's for you.



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