December Brick Wall


December 15 - I had to pay a bill at a department store today, so I thought I could just run by quick and pay the bill. I know you're thinking this is another busy store bitching thing. It's not, REALLY. There was no one in the store. Well no one except the one person in front of me. She wasn't the problem though, the problem was the clerk. 

I have never seen someone fold a pair of pants more slowly. Then she had to get a bag. Then she had to examine the bag. Then she finally put the pants in the bag, but no we're not done. Then she had to total the transaction. I could tell the chick in front of me was as annoyed as me, because she had her card out and ready by the time the woman had a total. The whole thing just took forever. It was as though the woman was moving through molasses.  

December  8 - So I finally broke down and got a new phone. The best part about it is that it doesn't randomly turn itself on and off. Besides, it's pretty cool too and since everything's on sale, it was free. Of course I had to sign a contract which freaked me out since commitment isn't really my thing. Anyhow, that's not the bad thing. That happened when I was on my way to the stupid store and then on my way home. Now I know I swore I wasn't going to go near a store during the season. I was all done with shopping and if I had to pick something up it would most definitely not be on a Saturday. Okay so I lied. I had to go that day because it was the last day I could get the cool phone for free. 

So I've come to a conclusion after hours of intensive study that people completely forget how to drive around the holidays. The people who might have known before don't now. They will cut you off, run a stop sign, steal your parking space. It's just wacky. I wonder if this is connected to that whole crazy shopping rage thing where people just go nuts to get to bargains, like what happened to some woman in Florida (On a side note I have to point out how cheap the store is that they just said they would put a DVD player on hold for the woman instead of sending her a free one. I mean come on it was $29 just give the poor trampled woman the DVD player.). 

It took me almost 1/2 hour to just get out of the parking lot after the hour it took me to get my phone. Now I've got just as much Christmas spirit as the next guy, but come on. I think I'm staying home from now on. No this time I really mean it 

December 1 - Okay so I went out the night before Thanksgiving to buy my final Christmas present. I've been really good about Christmas this year. I've been picking up stuff for the last 6 months when I found a good deal because I knew I wouldn't have a ton of money at Christmas. Earlier this week I realized that I was almost done. Except for one incredibly hard to buy for person. I decided to get them a gift certificate for this store they like.  I thought, hey today there will be no one in the store. I can beat the rush. I'm apparently an idiot, but not as much of an idiot as the chick who waited on me. I've worked in retail myself and I know it can be difficult, so I usually give them the benefit of the doubt. I have to tell you though, this time I was losing patience. There was no line when I went in, but it still took me 45 minutes to get out of there. First of all, they didn't have gift cards. I thought everyone had gift cards. This is a high tech store and they still use paper gift certificates.  Anyway the girl didn't know how to sell a gift certificate, but instead of asking someone she just stood there staring at the computer. Then when she finally got someone to help her it still took forever.  She said the computers were slow, but then about 10 minutes later admitted that they were actually down.  I had already invested like 25 minutes in this so I decided to wait a bit longer. Finally the computers came up again, but she had to get help then. I turned to the guy next to me and said 'this has been the longest week of my life' he replied, 'well it's almost over' and I said, 'No I mean just since I got in line.' Finally the planets aligned and I got my gift certificate and am done with my shopping. I pity those of you who still have to shop. Godspeed. 



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