August Timewasters


August 29 - Today's link is pretty cool. We hear about the war in Iraq on a daily basis, but we hear the media overview. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the Armed Forces are made up of real people just like us who are out there serving their country, our country. They deserve our respect and our thanks. This website is the story of one of our soldiers written in his own words. Take some time to check it out.  


August 28 - This is the perfect site if you have to give a speech or want to look intelligent by quoting Socrates. If neither of those applies to you, it's still a neat place to waste some time. 


August 27 - There's still so much we don't know about these much maligned Easter creatures. Find out what we do know here.


August 26 - I'm assuming this is supposed to be a joke, but in the course of my job search, I've seen real corporate sites that had the same amount of usable info on them.


August 25 - I know this is probably not the best site for Monday since we're all still recovering from the weekend and have Monday Dumbness Syndrome. Still it's a fun place to quiz yourself with a whole series of Densa Tests and prove how smart you are. Then email a quiz link to your friends and prove how much smarter than them you are.


August 22 Given my current situation, I fear this may be my only chance of owning a home or business.


August 21 - Want to relive the tackier portions of your youth? this site is definitely the place to go. I have to say though, I really like the teenage mutant Ninja turtles (Heroes in a half-shell - Turtle Power!).


August 20 - If you ever find yourself in Lodi watching a parade and you decide it might be fun to shoot silly string at the participants, don't say I didn't warn you.


August 19 - I pity the fool who don't check out this site.


August 18 - Today's link is in honor of a friend of mine. A self-proclaimed geek - well maybe not self-proclaimed, I think there was some sort of internet geek test that opened their eyes to their geekness. Anyhow here is some dating advice for geeks. The advice for the lovelorn letters are a definite winner.


August 15 - This site is cool because you can use your newfound knowledge to wow that blind date or perhaps even that hard to impress interviewer.


August 14 - This is kind of cool site. You can enter in a serial number and thereafter, track a dollar bill to see where it goes. It's kind of an interesting experiment.


August 13 - This site looks kinda funny. At first I thought, no one would believe that, but truth is stranger than fiction so who knows. I sent a fake story to someone today, I'll let you know if it worked. In the meantime, check it out.


August 12 - This is a cool site. After all, there are few people in the world who can't occasionally use a good excuse. I checked out the politics link. After all it's never too early to prepare.


August 11 - This site is cool you can have tarot cards read, see your horoscope get a Rune reading or ask the I Ching a question. Obviously you shouldn't use it to make any life altering decisions, but it's a fun way to waste a few minutes. I could tell you how accurate it was, but when I asked the I Ching a question, I had a bit of trouble figuring out what the answer meant.  Of course you I'm sure won't have the same problem. 


August 8 - This site is the place to go the next time someone asks you anything about snowflakes. Did you even know that there were historic snowflakes? 


August 7 - The next time you do something really dumb and you're totally embarrassed, go to this site and read stories of really stupid people doing really stupid things. It will give you a laugh, and make you feel intelligent. Or at the very least, less dumb than these people. 


August 6 - Have you ever sat and wondered, Where is Mars right now? I know, me too.  


August 5 - Enough of this being nice to each other. This site lets you insult people from the comfort of your home computer. Or, I guess you could do it from work too.

August 4 - Okay so this site is a little morbid, but it's kinda interesting to click on the most popular searches link. I'm not sure how often it changes, but when I hit it the Three Stooges were way up on the list. As usual Moe and Curly got higher billing than Shemp.

August 1 - In honor of the upcoming Shark Week, here is a site that will tell you much more than you ever wanted to know about sharks. He even talks about Jaws. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water and all that. Did you know that the artificial shark they used for the movie was named Bruce?



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