Some Annoying Person Always Has To Have It Worse Than You


Did you ever notice that when you're feeling crappy and you share that with someone they always say something like "Well you know lots of people have it worse than you." Seriously, like I don't know there are people out there who have it worse than me. What just because someone has it worse I'm not allowed to complain about something that sucks? Talk about totally unfair.

Not only do these people put the brakes on your complaining, then they have to make you feel guilty about complaining in the first place. It's the old 'starving children somewhere' thing your parents would pull on you when you didn't want to eat something really disgusting. So instead of just feeling bad because you had to eat gross food, now you had to feel bad because there was actually someone somewhere who would want to eat the gross food. 

Besides, did you ever notice the people who say that sort of thing are like totally the biggest complainers ever when something bad happens to them. And woe to you if you quote their annoying line back to them. If you do, they will inevitably go on at length about why they have it so bad and you may be tempted to say something along the lines of "You think you have it bad I had to listen to some whiny person complain for like the last 15 minutes." Trust me when I tell you this is the worst possible response. Unless you have really good health insurance, but who does these days what with a bunch of people being out of work and all.

My other secret pet peeve is people who say, "Well I can't complain." Really now, you can't complain about anything. What kind of annoying Pollyanna are you? I think if you really can't complain you're not trying hard enough. I'm not saying you should complain constantly or anything, but a touch of complaining now and again makes a person human. After all, aren't the best friends the ones who've been through the tough times with you.

This brings me rather haphazardly to the whole fair weather friends thing. Being a fair weather friend is bad right, therefore it's good to have something to complain about and to do some complaining. If everything is always fabulous, then all your friends will be of the fair weather variety and then your life will probably end up being much worse in the long run when something awful happens, because face it something awful is bound to happen at some point. Now aren't you glad you're a complainer? I mean at least you'll be prepared.


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