Why Not Hire Someone Who Actually Needs a Job? 

I was reading this thing today about how people don't want to hire someone with a gap in their resume. Everyone wants to hire people who already have jobs. I gotta tell you, this makes no sense to me at all. Why would a company be so anxious to hire someone who has shown a complete lack of loyalty by ditching their job at company A to go work for you at company B. 

Personally I think that a person without a job would be a better bet. After all if someone leaves their company without a second glance to go work for you, why wouldn't they leave you to go work for someone else? Everyone talks about how they won't hire someone who's over-qualified because they're afraid that person will jump as soon as something better comes along. Why then will they hire someone they KNOW is going to jump at a better offer and leave them stuck. I mean it's not rocket science. 

One thing these employers aren't thinking of is that a person who has been out of work really wants this job.  Unemployed people want to work. Trust me, a few weeks of daytime TV and a person wants to do anything  other than watch daytime TV. Plus, they are less likely to be a snippy primadonna which, as anyone can tell you, makes the office a much nicer place.

Maybe I'm being naive and maybe, okay probably, I will never be a hiring manager, but the logic of refusing to hire someone without a job eludes me.  If anyone wants to explain it to me, feel free to send me an email.


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