Happy WID!!!!


Are you tired of Valentine's Day? Who's not? This year on February 14th Celebrate WID.


What is WID?

          WID is the holiday for women who are sick of being told that February 14th is the day you have to be in some great relationship to matter. Seriously Valentine's Day is just as much of a disappointment when you have someone as when you don't. In fact when you have someone nothing they can do will ever measure up to what you want, so no matter what they do you are doomed to disappointment.

This is why WID came to be. Why not make February 14th be the day when you celebrate your independence from all that? When someone asks you who your Valentine is tell them you celebrate WID instead.



The Story of the first  WID

The first year of WID was when I was in college. Rather than sit home on Valentine's Day some friends and I decided to go out and have fun anyway. Some of my friends were between boyfriends like me and others had boyfriends, but decided to go out with us anyway.

It was pouring rain and one of my friends almost didn't make it because she was in a car accident on the way over. It wasn't a bad accident, but it turned out the guy who hit her was actually her ex-boyfriend. She was a bit overwrought about the whole thing, but as I pointed out she was on her way somewhere all dressed up rather than sitting at home.

We set out for Spaghetti Factory and of course there was a super huge wait. Just a note, I love Spaghetti Factory, but it's not really a Valentine's date place. So if you're taking your one and only out for Valentine's Day, Spaghetti Factory probably won't do it. I know it seemed like a good idea at the time, but really no.

Anyway, we hung out in the bar and chatted and flirted with the bartenders and had a fabulous time. We celebrated who we were and how awesome we were. Not because some guy loved us but because we were great. Sometime during the night, the celebration became WID, for Woman's Independence Day, and I've been celebrating it ever since.

Now I send out WID cards and get some too. So this year instead of setting yourself up for disappointment because you feel like someone else needs to notice how cool you are, celebrate how cool you are yourself. Buy yourself a present, not a self-pity present, but an I'm so cool I deserve something nice present because really, you are that cool.













A Valentine Story

One of my best February 14th's  was long before WID came into being. I was 19 and I had broken up with my boyfriend. My friend and I went out and bought flowers and gave them out to people at Pac-n-Save. It sounds really lame, but it was so fun.

Some of the guys got a bit pissy because they had neglected to give their long suffering wives flowers. Some of the women got a bit annoyed because we were cute and young, and giving their husbands flowers. Still it was a good lesson. Making other people happy can actually make you happy. How Movie of the Week, Afterschoool Special Walton's is that?



Can Men Celebrate WID?

So some of you guys are asking yourself if you can celebrate WID. I mean after all it is Woman's Independence Day. Why would you want to celebrate a holiday about her?

Face it Valentine's Day is really about her after all. I mean if it were just you would you care that she forgot it. Instead of buying into the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine's Day. Celebrate a day all about how cool we are.

If you have no fabulous woman to celebrate on this WID, feel free to celebrate how cool I am. Send me a card, flowers, or, why not jewelry.