Trust Me

I know that if you're unemployed, you're probably broke or close to it and pretty freaked out about money. My advice, take a vacation. I know that sounds crazy, after all how can you afford a vacation if you don't have a job?

As wacky as this sounds when you don't have a job sometimes you need a vacation from not having a job. You need to go somewhere else where your un-hiredness is not in your face quite so much. You need to go somewhere where you can meet a leprechaun standing on a street corner. Ok so that last one may not be a requirement.

As you know a few weeks ago I was going on and on about needing a vacation so this weekend I finally took one. I went to Reno which, while not Las Vegas, does have casinos. While I was there I met many interesting people. I played two dollar Blackjack and drank casino-free margaritas. I talked to total strangers and I met the above-mentioned leprechaun. Well he wasn't really a leprechaun, just a guy standing in front of some casino.

I went up to him and told him I have had worse jobs and he told me a story about how some guy threw a beer bottle at him and then got arrested by the cops who were standing there the whole time. After hearing the beer bottle story I was forced to concede that he probably had a point. I mean no one ever actually threw stuff at me.

One plus of his job is that when people ask what he does for a living he can tell them he's a leprechaun. I don't think he does, but he could. Come to think of it, he even looked a bit like a leprechaun, although it might have just been the suit, you really don't see many non-leprechauns wearing kelly-green suits.

After seeing the leprechaun, I was at this booth where they sold jewelry of some sort and these people where asking if the vendor would have her picture taken with their teddy bear because they always wanted to have special people in their lives, (like street vendors apparently) have their picture taken with this bear. They put all the pictures in the album of wonderful memories. I asked if the bear had a site like Frank Duck, but the people gave me a weird look. So I gave them Frank's site address and I moved on.

I know this might all sound sorta random, but the point is I did stuff that was totally unlike the plodding day-to-day I need a job stuff. Sometimes you need that to give you a fresh perspective. Even if you can just go away for the day you should do it. Who knows you too might meet a leprechaun, but be smarter than me, refuse to let him out of your sight until he gives you his gold, then you won't have to worry so much about the job thing.



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