To Soda or Not to Soda

So I'm watching this documentary on one of those big companies that had massive accounting fraud and they start talking about soda. Well not about soda randomly, but soda in context. Depending on who you believe, the head of the company may have started nickel and dimeing the employees, by taking away their sodas and monitoring smoke breaks, while someone else was milking the company for billions. 

    Of course not all companies are part of a huge scam to defraud, but many of them share similar views on soda. See back during the computer company heyday, lots of companies gave away free soda, free bagels, some even had catered meals brought in. All of these things where done assumedly to make workers more productive. Did they? Well, it kept some employees from leaving the office which would seem to mean more actual work time so maybe. 

    More to the point though, these perks made employees happy. They made an employee feel that, at least on some level, they mattered to management. The sad thing is that as soon as times get tough, the sodas and bagels and catered lunches disappear. The people in the trenches of these companies are being punished for things that are in no way their fault. 

    Maybe these companies need to cut costs. Maybe they need to save a lot of money. That said, I think that there are ways they can save without taking small perks away from the rank and file employees. Managers get bonuses and the average employee figuratively gets their 'soda' taken away. On what planet does this make sense. Okay so maybe it makes sense if your the guy getting the bonus. 

    I'll tell you what makes real sense, being  nice to your  employees. You see, happy employees are more productive employees. If you start treating your employees like recalcitrant children, they will begin to act like it. They'll leave early when they can get away with it, and they'll do exactly as much as they have to and no more. But, treat them well and maybe they'll treat you  well by working harder than necessary and staying loyal to you even when a competitor beckons. I know no one will listen to me, but I feel better for having said it.



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