Of Course I Always Doubled Down on 11


So remember how last week I thought that I was going to be so lucky if only I could gamble. I was wrong. I had the opportunity to go up to Lake Tahoe for the day and I just felt like luck was going to be with me. Unfortunately luck must've been waiting for me in Vegas, because I couldn't catch sight of it the whole day.

That's not to say it wasn't fun, because it was a lot of fun. I even won a little. Of course I lost it all and then some. I was fearless at the Blackjack table. I bet $10, $15, $20. I doubled down with practiced ease. I used gambling slang. I was on top of the world; and then I wasn't. When things started to go bad, they kept right on going. The problem with Lake Tahoe is that the casinos are what there is to do. See if I was in Las Vegas and I started to lose I could have done tons of other stuff. But of course in Lake Tahoe, I just kept on playing.

Who knows, maybe I would have kept on playing in Las Vegas too. There's just something about the feeling that in a moment your life can change. One minute you just have a ten the next... Blackjack baby. There's nothing that compares with the feeling you get in that second when the card turns over to reveal; Ace. For a moment you are the chosen one.  Luck has smiled on you d the world is yours. Luck wasn't smiling on me a whole lot that day, but that's the beauty of luck, it can change at any time. Of course that is only good if your luck is bad when the change occurs, but since my luck is almost always bad, a sudden reversal would almost never be bad. Did that make any sense at all?

In the words of a man I met at one of the Blackjack tables I visited, "Sometimes, you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug." To which I of course replied, "Honey, I'm always the bug." What I wouldn't give to be the windshield just once though. You know what I mean?

That moment almost came at the end of the day. I had a mere $2 left so I decided to play roulette.  I asked one of the people I was with to tell me what their favorite number was. This was their response verbatim; "Seven, no eight. Eight, eight definitely eight." So I, being an idiot put a dollar on eight and one on thirteen, which has long been a favorite number of mine. True, with such a low bet, I wouldn't win all that much, but it would give me a morale boost.

There I stood, my last $2.00 on the line. Would I win, or would the cruel odds of roulette see me broke? The guy (I don't know the technical name for a roulette wheel operator) dropped the ball in. It rolled on the outside of the wheel for what seemed like forever. Time slowed down and then finally, the ball dropped in. It bounced around a bit and I held my breath. Finally it found a home. The guy looked up and said... "Seven, red seven."


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