September What to Watch

September 29 - Do you know who Taye Diggs is?  Well he's got this new show about  lawyer who suddenly becomes a father. I'm sure it will be really cute. Well at least he's really cute. Anyway, check it out.

UPN 9:00pm

September 28 - Rodney is a sitcom about a stand-up comedian who has an apparently wacky family. Since it sounds much like many other sitcoms from the past that ended up being canceled pretty quickly, you'd better watch it today.

ABC 9:30

September 27 - There's this show called The Benefactor, where the whole point is apparently to give away a bunch of money. In tonight's episode the challenge is to spend $1,000 in 12 hours. Yeah that sounds like a tough challenge. I mean how many people could do that? Yes I'm being sarcastic. If that sounds like a real challenge to you, watch tonight and see how they do.

ABC 10:00pm

September 24 - Today's pick actually premiered last week, but it's definitely worth a watch, assuming you aren't out crazy partying. Anyhow the show's called Medical Investigation and it's all about like random weird diseases and the people who figure out what to do about them. The first episode had people turning blue. I mean really honestly turning blue how random is that? There's this really tough sorta mean guy who's in charge of the team, but in addition to being an ass, he's also brilliant and he also does this weird thing where he sees people who aren't there and stuff. Like he sees them interact in the place where they got sick and that tells him why they got sick. It's kinda odd, but interesting. So check it out. 

NBC 10:00pm

September 23 - Maybe you're wondering whether or not Joey will still be funny without his friends. I have to say I think he kinda is. So if you haven't seen it yet, give the guy a chance. I mean what, are you gonna watch Survivor? It's not like The OC is on or anything.

NBC 8:00pm

September 22 - What if a plane crashed on a tropical Island and most of the people were really good looking? Well that's the premise for J.J. Abram's new series Lost. Apparently everyone has secret someone has a gun there's some sort of monster and nobody gets along. It's like survivor with less annoying characters and no stupid challenges. Well I assume they're less annoying, I haven't seen it yet obviously. Anyhow I'm totally thinking this show will be cool.

ABC 8:00pm

September 21 - When I went to Vegas I saw the lions at MGM they just sort of sat there and were boring, but apparently the animals at the Mirage have quite the interesting life. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Father of the Pride. Apparently they even have their own bars. Who knew?

NBC 9:00pm

September 20 - I can't think of anything more fun than spending time in an airport. After all they have tons of great overpriced chain eateries. All the obnoxious people who act like it's your fault that they didn't leave themselves enough time. The endless delays were you can't fall asleep because someone might steal your luggage.

I do like watching Airport, it's kinda funny. Plus I really can't believe the flimsy lies people use to get through customs. Yeah you're really here for a week and you packed 5 suitcases. Please. Use some brains people. Ship some stuff to yourself.  You know what would be cool? If they made a fictional show about an airport. That would be super cool. Oh wait, they did and it's called LAX you can watch it tonight.

NBC 10:00pm

September 17 - I always thought it was much easier to meet people back in the old days, but I guess this isn't true, because apparently they had matchmakers then. They made a movie about one of these guys. It's called American Matchmaker, and I guess it's probably not a true story or anything, but apparently it's  "Delightful musical comedy" so watch it and be amused.

TCM 10:30am

September 16 - So there was this guy named Mr. Chips and apparently he was a really cool teacher. Then for some reason, he had to leave. At least I assume he had to leave since the movie is called Goodbye Mr. Chips. In case you are wondering, you can watch it today and find out for yourself.

TCM 12:30pm

September 15 - There's this guy, I think his name is O'Shaunessy and he's an animal trainer. Now for some reason his son doesn't love him anymore, so he has to earn his love back. Want to know if he succeeds? Watch O'Shaunessy's Boy today.

TCM 10:45am

September 14 - Stressed out? Maybe you even have some High Anxiety? Well then watch the movie of the same name today. Apparently it's a movie done in homage to Alfred Hitchcock, so it must be some sort of farcical suspense film.

AMC 12:00 Noon

September 13 - So I never know which is slander and which is libel. Maybe if I watch today's movie Slander I'll be able to tell the difference. In case you're wondering, this is a movie about scandal magazines, circa 1952 I guess since that's when it was made. So watch it and learn which is which, or about scandal magazines of the 50's or maybe about other stuff too, you never know.

TCM 9:30am

September 10 - Wouldn't it be cool to be Perry Mason? I mean the guy never EVER lost a case. How awful would it be to be Hamilton (Ham) Burger? the man was constantly up against Perry Mason and he never Ever won. I have to tell you, sometimes I feel like Ham. But I guess that's just how life is, sometimes you're Perry Mason and sometimes you're Hamilton Burger.  Watch some Perry Mason today and try to relate to Perry rather than Ham.

HALL 3:00pm

September 9 - So today's pick is actually on later than the usual picks, but I saw this and it was the coolest thing ever. It's on the Travel Channel and it's called Penthouses. I flipped to it late and only saw the last half-hour or so, but they had this really cool Penthouse in Rome (The hotel guy was all, 'Don't call it a suite, it is not a suite' and I'm like dude it's on the 5th floor, how is that a penthouse?) that had frescos on the walls and an awesome view of the city. Plus it came with it's own chef. How cool is that? It also had it's own movie theater. After a long day walking all over Rome, you're worn out and thinking you're just too tired to go get dinner and see a movie. Oh wait you don't have to do either. See how cool that is? I have to tell you when I was in Rome there were days that I would have gone to bed hungry rather than walk down those four flight of stairs again. Of course I'm sure the Roman penthouse place has an elevator.

Anyway there's probably no way ever that I would be able to afford the $14,000 a night they charge at that place or the $10,00 for the penthouse in San Francisco, but still it's a cool show to watch.

TRAV 5:00pm

September 8 - Wow remember back in the day when CSI episodes were really interesting and not overly sensational? I know the show has tons of fans, and I'm not saying it's bad now, I just haven't really been watching it the last few seasons, but I thought season one was really good. Anyway SPIKE TV is showing a bunch of episodes today. I guess they show them everyday, so they must be showing more than season one. So if you're like me and you stopped watching after season one here's your chance to catch up. Plus, if you're sitting at home feeling rather unaccomplished, you can watch CSI and if you figure out the mystery before them you'll feel really super cool.

Also since CSI takes place in Las Vegas, you have that whole Vegas thing working for you. Did I ever tell you I'm totally getting married in Las Vegas. I have it all planned out. Groom? Well no I don't have one yet, but look at it this way. The older I get the more appropriate a Vegas wedding is. I am still really young. I can't believe you asked that. Don't you know it's impolite to ask a lady her age? Just watch CSI today and leave me alone.

SPIKE 10am-6pm

September 7 - So you wanna know what's happening in the world, but you just don't like the whole network news thing. Maybe you're looking for something with better music. I have just the show for you. It's on CNN and it's called Anderson Cooper 360.  Apparently he's quite the darling of the network. I assume there's some reason for this, but I just started watching the show. Maybe he gets really good ratings or something. It is kind of a cool show. Plus it has a poll. It's one of those during the show internet polls. I like these for the same reason I like make-over TV, I have a short  attention span. I don't want to have to wait till tomorrow to know how people voted. 

All the cool show stuff aside, I just like the host because he kicked butt at Celebrity Jeopardy. I know what you're thinking, but these questions were actually sort of difficult. I only knew the answers to some of them okay well most. But I'm a trivia chick so I know lots of useless facts. I was kind of sad for that Maria chick who only made it into Final Jeopardy because it was Celebrity and they had to give her $1000 to bet with. That whole thing really isn't fair. I mean the questions are already relatively easy and these are supposed to be the intelligent celebrities. In all fairness, the questions aren't really as easy as they are in the Saturday Night Live skit.

CNN 4:00pm Pacific Time



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