September Timewasters


September 29 - Do you ever wish you could be like Prince and rather than signing your name just use some random symbol? Wow, me too. Today's site is perfect for us. It tells you how to write tons of stuff in hieroglyphics. So you don't have to use that stupid Alphabet thing any more.


September 28 - It's Tuesday and you're probably bored. I mean it's not Monday at least, but it's not Wednesday yet either. Want to know if the future holds more excitement? Well, if your the kind of person who trusts a magic eight ball with all of your important decisions, have I got a site for you.


September 27 - So I'm not even kidding, when I typed my name in it said my ideal job was unemployed. Shocking. Okay so maybe not that shocking. Take a look and see what it says about you.  


September 24 - Punctuation is my nemesis. Punctuation, pennies and kelp (but that's another story). Anyhow the person who did today's site totally loves punctuation. So much so they dedicated an entire site to it. Now that's devotion right there. Since they spent so much time creating it, maybe we should spend some time reading it. Maybe I'll finally figure out that whole comma semi-colon thing.


September 23 - Want to know what type of person you are, but don't have time for a bunch of that annoying introspection? Well then today's site is perfect for you. You can take the five minute test and it will tell you who you are. After all everyone knows that all people can be broken down into 8 groups and there really are no true individuals. Okay I'm just bitter because I didn't like my results. You can make up your own mind.


September 22 - Sometimes when you're really bored you need something to do so you play board games. Get it when you're bored you play board games. Isn't that witty? What? It's not? You really don't think that's funny? Well read about bored uh I mean board games at today's site or something. These people really like board games and there's a whole list and info on each one. So check it out if you're board or bored. Get it? See it's another pun. Oh never mind.



September 21 - If time travel was possible wouldn't someone have come back in time from the future to tell us that they had created a time machine in the future and then everyone would always know that time travel was possible. I mean it would be worth a ton of money so I'm sure someone would come back in time and pretend to invent it. So if someone came back in time and pretended to invent it would it throw everything off because we would have it before it was invented or something. Now I'm confused. Is time travel even possible. Maybe you'll find some answers at today's site.


September 20 - Have you ever been really bored and found yourself wondering how much you would weigh on mars or perhaps the moon? Okay so maybe not, but I bet you're wondering about it now. Okay how about now. Now? See I knew it. Well you can find out at today's site. Gosh I sure weigh a lot on the sun.


September 17 - Maybe just free isn't enough for you. Maybe you want something that's free AND cool. As if the fact that it's Friday wasn't enough, I have found for you a site that claims to be both free and cool.


September 16 - Have you ever heard that you can't get something for nothing. Well the people at today's link don't agree. In fact they call it the place where you can in fact get something for nothing.


September 15 - Looking for ClipArt and software, well look no further.


September 14 - Wanna know where you can get some totally free video game cheats and a toothbrush? Wow, today's site was totally made for you.



September 13 - Do you ever wish there were more places on the internet where you could get some cool free stuff? Well wish no more, because I've got a whole week of sites where you can get cool free stuff. Staring with this one.


September 10 - Take a moment to remember those who were lost. May they rest in peace.



September 9 - Did you ever wonder what if things had turned out a little different? What if some historical event had actually happened some other way? That's the idea behind today's site. It shows you timelines for things that happened today except it changes what happened. Some of the scenarios are completely made up and some are regular history altered a bit. It's a very interesting idea and definitely a good place to waste some time of this slow moving Wednesday.



September 8 - Want to know something about something? Today's site is for you. It probably won't have the exact fact, but it will most likely have  link to where you can find that info. So if you're looking for random information and don't know where to start, this is a good place.



September 7 - Sometimes you're singing along with the radio and your friend laughs at you because she says you are singing the words totally wrong. Is she right? Or are you right. I don't know for sure, but check out today's site and find out for yourself.




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