September Brick Wall



September 27 - So I had to take my car in to the dealership to get the back seatbelt fixed and it was a total pain since it's all the way in Palo Alto. Then on the way to the dealership the person who drove me to pick up my car had car trouble. Their alternator went out and they had to drive across a bridge to get home. It was all very nerve-wracking.

Add to that the fact that I hate bridges which is ironic considering what my name is. Also, it turned out they didn't even have the part to fix the seat belt, so I went through all of that to get a car wash, and I have to go back again to get the seat belt fixed when they get the part in.

September 20 - I worked like crazy overtime all week last week and I was so tired. Plus I  couldn't get anything done because the stuff I needed to have done before I could get stuff done wasn't done. Okay so I did get some stuff done, but everything was a huge struggle so I got like 5 things done in the space of time when in a perfect world I could have gotten 10 things done. All in all it was very irritating.

Plus for some reason I was having the hardest time ever concentrating last week. Maybe it was because I was working so much and sleeping so little. Amazing how lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate. I'm not going to work overtime this week, so hopefully it will be a better week.

September 15 - Someone once said to me, well actually it was just yesterday, but they said, "You know if it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all." I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps they may be right.  See on Thursday there was this court case decided and it turns out it's probably pretty bad for my company. It makes it easier for us to get taken over by a company the CEO of which is not a very nice man and would most likely fire almost everybody. What this means boys and girls is that I may be out of a job again. As much fun as unemployment is, I kinda like that whole getting a paycheck thing.

Then today I decided to go look at cars because I really need one that has a heater and a defroster, and doesn't leak when it rains. Anyhow, I found the coolest car online. A good model, low mileage, not too old, and it had a moonroof. Best of all, I could totally afford it.  So I didn't have time to get over to the dealership until today, and it turns out the car was sold already.

To make things even worse, I went to like 5 dealerships, and I couldn't find anything I even remotely liked. I hate shopping for a used car. It's like shopping at Ross. See shopping at Ross is fun sometimes, like when you have a bunch of time, and you don't absolutely need something to wear tomorrow. But when you go there looking for a specific outfit for a specific occasion, you can't find anything. Plus it's worse than shopping at Ross because there the salespeople don't introduce themselves and act like they're your new best friend and follow you around trying to convince you that you'd really love that tacky yellow and purple plaid skirt.



September 7 - Summer is over and there will be no more 3 day weekends until Thanksgiving. I am so sad for me. Well I guess I could take a 3-day weekend at my birthday. Oh wait Veterans' Day is a 3-day weekend. Okay so I feel a little better, but that's two whole months away.

I am totally burned out on my job. I am seriously thinking maybe I'm not cut out for this. I always thought I would have some great exciting career and of course a dashing husband. Okay so maybe not the husband, but I should be out traveling the world and doing something interesting and exotic and no I don't mean dancing.

I should be tending bar on Santorini or living in Rome working as a painter. Alright so I have no artistic talent, but still... At what point am I supposed to resign myself to a normal (read: boring) life?

Will I ever wake up one day and say to myself, 'This is who I am. I work in an office and that's me!' I really hope that doesn't happen.




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