October Timewasters



October 29 - Haven't come up with a costume yet? You could use my fallback costume and go as a Vegas Bride, or check out today's site for something a little more thought out.



October 28 - Ever wonder where the whole Halloween thing came from? I mean I know if started a long time ago and all, but what's the story? If you're curious too you can find out all about it here.




October 27 - The west was a dangerous place. I guess that's why there's so many ghost stories there.




October 26 - This is the perfect time of year to sit around a fire and tell ghost stories. Since I know you're too busy to come up with your own, I found just the site for you.




October 25 - I  heard New Jersey was a strange place but I had no idea it was so weird. If you're planning a trip to New Jersey than you should look at this site. I always think places are cool that have all sorts of old deserted buildings and stuff. Living in the bay area it seems like every available inch of land has five houses on it. anyway check out this site it's pretty cool.





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