October Brick Wall


October 25 - So I lost my internet connection. It's a long and not very interesting story. The end result being I haven't really been able to update the site in almost a month. I feel badly about that. If you've been checking back, my apologies for being such a slacker about getting new internet.

I do have an excuse though not a very good one. See, I've been working all hours these days and am worn out. I get yelled at on a regular basis by people who have never met me for things that aren't even my fault, and my company is trying to fight off a hostile takeover from one owned by a guy who's a big huge jerk. All in all it's been kind of a stressful month.

Of course now my birthday's coming up which fills me with no great amount of joy since with a few minor exceptions, my birthdays tend to suck. I can have a fabulous month before and a great week after, but my actual birthday is almost always seriously lacking. Maybe it's the whole idea that your birthday is supposed to be so great. Like the reality can't measure up to the idea of what it should be.

Wow, can you believe I was kind of in a good mood before I started writing this?



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