Objects on the Strip Are Farther Than They Appear


Life is a lot like Las Vegas when you think about it. Okay so maybe not when YOU think about it, but sometimes when I do. See on my recent trip to Vegas, we left the bright lights and fancy stuff of the strip. We didn't really intend to leave the strip. Or I guess I should say the Main strip. 

We left the mall and thought it would be fun to head over to the Stratosphere. Note to all of you, objects on the strip are farther than they appear. From the mall it's a quick jaunt to the Stardust. Now the Stardust is one of the oldest casinos on the strip and disappointingly has changed all it's machines to the kind that spit out paper tickets instead of coins when you win. Seriously, how lame is THAT? I think Frank would be really disappointed.

Given that disappointment and the fact that we couldn't win at all we decided to head down to the Stratosphere.  I think the Stratosphere is where all the people from far away stay. I say this because it is in the middle of nowhere. Also not an especially nice area of the strip.

See people go online, because everyone books online now, and they see great rates at the Stratosphere and say, 'hey I'll stay there'. After all, it's on the strip. uh yeah sure. So, if you're one of those people go here first. This is the best site I've found on Vegas. It gives real reviews and a map so you can see where these places actually are.

Anyway, on our walk toward the Stratosphere, we passed Circus Circus and thought briefly about heading up to the midway in search of crappy stuffed prizes, but instead we journeyed onward determined to reach our goal.

We passed a multitude of people handing out, uh, fliers.  Here we seemed far removed from the pretty glamour of the south strip. We walked passed an empty field. It had been fenced in at one point, but the chain link had been torn and the field was littered with broken  beer bottles. 

Ahead there was a building and on the other side, it looked like the Stratosphere. But, of course, it wasn't. Coming around the largish building we saw ahead of us another block (or two) stood between us and our goal. 

Still not being quitters we continued on, passing souvenir shops and pawn shops. Finally we stood in front of our goal. Now the only challenge left for us was 'to find a way in'. We walked around the outside, a path that took us under the tower itself.  

Once inside the casino, I must say I was disappointed. I mean after the walk I wanted it to be cooler. We hunted around for the entrance to the tower. By the time we found it, I had pretty much decided against going up to the top. After all it was daytime, so no pretty lights to see. Plus having seen the area around the casino I was pretty sure that even a great height couldn't improve it.

Anyway, back to my original thought, (I know, English teachers everywhere are cringing) Vegas is like life because one minute you're the coolest person ever, and the next no one will even talk to you. See when the Stratosphere first went up it was soooooo cool. It had the fancy rides and an occasional star in attendance and now it is only a refuge for those from the Midwest who didn't know better.

I think building a casino on the strip is like buying a computer. It depreciates according to the placement and coolness of the other casinos built after it. Sometimes it works and sometimes, you build the Stratosphere.



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