Oatmeal Jinx

So I got this temp gig. It's pretty cool. I mean the people are nice the hours are okay and I ended up with an actual office with a door and everything. The only bad thing is the same thing that's bad about a lot of temp jobs. See this job could last 3 weeks, it could last a month. It could even last two months. I have no idea.

So what do I do? Do I bring in stuff for my desk? I had this temp job last year where the girl practically promised the job would last forever and bugged me to bring stuff in for my desk. She seemed to think that my bringing stuff in was like promising I would never ever leave. To appease her, I got some stupid mini rock garden thing at the Dollar Store and put it on my desk. A day and a half later, I got a call from the temp agency informing me that the job had ended.

So you can see I am faced with a quandary. Do I bring something in to make my temporary office seem like a home or would that just be jinxing myself? More importantly, should I just go ahead and buy the 12 pack box of instant oatmeal?

I'm very lucky to have this job and very grateful. I just wish I knew what tomorrow would bring. And the next day and the next, and well you get the picture. 



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