May What to Watch


May 28 - Once upon a time in the west something happened, so they made a movie about it and called it Once Upon a Time In The West. How original.

AMC 9:45 am (1969)

May 27 - Does the idea of an entire movie about a horse seem odd to you? If so don't worry, today's pick The Appoloosa is actually about a buffalo hunter.

AMC 11:30 am (1966) Marlon Brando

May 26 - If the Steve Martin version seemed a little too slapstick and had a bit too much Ashton, watch the original Cheaper By the Dozen today.

AMC 12:00 (1950) Clifton Webb

May 25 - If you were afraid of clowns, today's pick would probably be a nightmare for you since it's called A Thousand Clowns. Although it may not actually have any real clowns in it. I guess you'll have to watch it and see.

TCM 11:30 am (1965) Jason Robards

May 24 - Only The Good Die Young is a Billy Joel song. The Good Die Young is a movie about a daring heist showing on TCM today.

TCM 9:00 am (1954)

May 21 - Now that you're all married, you wish your house had a bit more style? Well watch Trading Spaces today and you'll get TONS of great ideas. Unless it's one of the awful tacky decorators, but hey at least you'll learn what not to do.

TLC 4:00 pm

May 20 -So now you're all happy he/she said yes and you're ready to tie the knot but how should you do it? Have I got the show for you. Watch A Wedding Story and you'll find tons of ideas. Hey my sister used something she saw on there.

TLC 2:00 & 2:30 pm

May 19 - Didn't work out with your second chance guy or gal, then check out A Dating Story, because everyone knows a first and blind date needs to be made more awkward by TV cameras.

TLC 11:00 & 11:30 am

May 18 - Assuming that whole second chance thing worked out, you're probably trying to come up with the perfect way to ask your newly re-found love to marry you. Well, you're in luck, TLC has a show for that. Watch Perfect Proposal today.

TLC 1:30 pm

May 17 - I know I sound totally lame, but how come I'm not the kind of girl people remember forever and then use a TLC show as an excuse to contact again after a super long time because they think I'm so special and maybe even the one. Actually on second thought, I'm probably better off. Start out my randomly proclaimed TLC week by watching Second Chance today.

TLC 1:00 pm

May 14 - Three Daring Daughters try to reconcile their parents, and they apparently sing a song or two as well since it's a musical.

TCM 3:00 pm (1948) Jane Powell

May 13 - I ways wanted to be the belle of something. So I guess I'll watch The Belle of New York today and be jealous of someone who's living the dream.

TCM 12:30 pm (1952) Fred Astaire

May 12 - Way way back a long long time ago nobody had telephones, or even the internet. So in order to communicate they had to build a telegraph. So the Western Union guys came out to do it, but the Indians didn't want them to so they made a movie about it and called it Western Union, but I'm pretty sure it's not a documentary.

AMC 2:00 pm (1941) Robert Young


May 11 - Today's pick has murder, a honeymoon and also a seaplane. With all those elements, how could it possibly be a bad movie. Watch Murder on a Honeymoon today.

TCM 3:30 pm (1935) James Gleason

May 10 - Today's pick is today's pick because it takes place in Rome and I wish I was in Rome. So watch When in Rome today and enjoy the scenery.

TCM 1:30 pm (1950)

May 7 - In today's pick, Saratoga Trunk, Ingrid Bergman wants to marry well. Well duh, who doesn't.

TCM 10:00 am (1945)

May 6 - They say Law school is hard, they say marriage is hard. Well today's movie is about a newly married law student so his life must be a big PITA.  Strangely it's called Joy in the Morning

TCM 1:30 pm (1965)

May 5 - I'm not a Dennis Quaid fan so much, but I liked today's pick, I think I saw it on an airplane. It's about a cop in the present who contacts his dad in the past. He helps his dad catch the bad guy and even saves his life by getting him to quit smoking. It's a bit confusing with all the this time - that time stuff, but still it's an interesting movie.

USA 2:30 pm (2000) James Caviezel

May 4 - Audrey Hepburn plays a blind housewife terrorized by dope smugglers in today's drama Wait Until Dark. You don't really think of her as a suspense movie actress, but it sounds like an interesting movie.

TCM 1:30 pm (1967) Alan Arkin

May 3 - Start your week with one of the best musicals of the 50's The Band Wagon. It has Fred Astaire, so you know there will be dancing. Plus as a bit of added knowledge, Fred was from Nebraska as is my mother. Unfortunately despite my Nebraska roots, I can't dance.

TCM 10:00 am (1953) Cyd Charisse



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