May Timewasters


May 28 - Interested in jumping out of a plane? Well then these are the guys you want to get to know. Because they know the difference between a backpack and a parachute.


May 27 - I never knew Buffalo Bill went to Scotland. Wow, that's kinda cool. I went to Scotland once, well twice actually but I never saw a wild west show while I was there or anything.


May 26 - Wish you could travel? I know I do. Sadly for the moment I'll have to settle for reading other people's travel tales. Hopefully you'll actually get to go somewhere.


May 25 - Wow, those annoying smiley faces are everywhere these days.


May 24 - We could all use little Happy Days. This person liked the show so much they created a whole website about it. Did you know that Fonzi was 28 when the series started even though he was supposed to be only 19? Definitely check out the trivia on the site too.


May 21 - You know when you get those emails and someone tells you you should send it on because it will like totally change that person's life forever, send them this link.


May 20 - If you had a time machine, and you went back to the past, then just before you did the past would be in your future. That's not what this website is about, but it's good if you're thinking about archeology as a career.


May 19 - Yesterday was everything money and today is everything Mummy. Get it? It's funny don't you think. It's like a play on words and... Well fine, I thought it was funny. Look at today's site and learn about mummies then.


May 18 -Who doesn't love money? Not that I don't wish I had a little more of it, or maybe a lot more of it. Seriously, how come I've never won the lottery. Can you think of a more deserving person? Oh, well of course you, but besides that. I thought not. This site doesn't have anything to do with me winning the lottery, but it is about money.

May 17 - I read all the Ruth Chew books when I was a kid and wished that I could do magic. Of course this isn't the same thing, but you take what you can get.

May 14 - Thought it would be cool to go to Greece and see the sights, but don't want to get caught up in all that tourist mess that is bound to accompany the Olympics. Well check out today's site and you can see pictures of all the hot spots without having to deal with the jet lag.


May 13 - Okay, so a lot of people, not you necessarily, but a lot of people, might find a museum of natural history boring. But how many people could be bored by a museum of Unnatural Mystery? You? Ha I thought not.


May 12 - Want to get a better idea of what's on the ocean floor without actually having to go there? Or maybe you're about to do your open water dives, but want to know more about the ocean. Either way this is a good link for you. Read all about these expeditions to the sea floor.


May 11 - But did he really wear a coonskin cap? That's what I want to know.


May 10 - If you watched 10.5 on TV last week and are nervous, or maybe just curious about how realistic the depiction of the whole earthquake thing is, check out today's link. Not only does it explain the truth behind the movie version, the site also has links that will help you prepare for the big one, which incidentally will not be at  10 magnitude because there are currently no faults that- oh just visit the site.


May 7 - Wow, they have clubs for dogs on the Internet now. I wonder what happens when they slobber all over the keyboard. I mean wouldn't it short something out. Plus, how do they manage to work the mouse?


May 6 - I thought this was just a myth.


May 5 - Do you ever think that reading about stuff can get boring after a while? History can seem dull. But the amazing thing about history, to me at least, is that all of these people where just like you and me. They probably had a favorite shirt, and a best friend. They probably had a favorite food just like you, and like we do every day, they dealt with the reality that the world gave them. Hear their stories in their own words.


May 4 - I know you really want to be a hockey fan, but you don't understand it. I've seen a few games and I enjoy it, but I really don't understand it, so this is as much for me as for you.


May 3 - I love my digital camera, but I took some pretty cool black and white photos when I was in Italy. I think that it's pretty amazing how far we've come with photos, and how we have the option to do all sorts of cool stuff now. Want to know where we've been photography-wise, check out today's site.



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