May Brick Wall


May 24 - Oh were to start. Let me just say this has been one of those weeks, and then today, I get a letter from the DMV saying I didn't pay my registration and now I have a fine and it's been sent to collections. Hello? I paid my stupid registration over two months ago or something. I paid it when it was due. So why are they sending me some thing demanding payment and fines for something. Even if I manage to avoid paying it (which won't necessarily be the case since being in the right doesn't always help you when you're against a government agency) I'll still have to spend an hour at the DMV trying to deal with it. Arrrggggggghh. Aren't you glad you're not me?



May 17 - So I'm sitting at my desk at work this morning and this guy I've never seen before comes in and introduces himself and starts talking to me. I have no idea who this guy is. He starts asking me random questions and I'm just babbling and looking like a fool. He says he's heard my name mentioned a lot and wanted to introduce himself. After about ten minutes of conversation he tells me, oh yeah, I'm (your boss's boss's boss) So then I start talking about how much I love my job and how great my bosses are and I pretty much sound like a babbling kiss ass idiot. How the hell did I become that person, I need a shower.

The thing is I do kind of like my job. Maybe not the job itself that can be a little annoying, but I like my bosses and I have a cube by a window and stuff. I was telling the truth I just came across looking like a total dumbass while I was doing it. I am so dumb. Note to self try to refrain from looking like an idiot- What? Oh yeah, it's too late.


May 10 - I worked forever on this excel project. First I had to fix the mistakes made by some guy we had unwisely given the password to. Then I had to look a bunch of information up. It was like two hours I spent on this thing. I also have to add that this two hours was in addition to the hour or so I spent on it before I realized I had to go back and fix all the stuff the guy with the password had messed up.

Anyhow, I had finally finished fixing everything. Yes I know I'm a dummy to not have been saving stuff every five minutes. So there I was about to copy and paste the correct information into the correct spreadsheet and my excel program errored out. I frantically clicked the fix/don't close button, and it closed anyway. Then I tried to see if I could get my window open. Ok I'm just kidding. Besides, I wasn't going to jump or anything, just toss my computer out the window.

May 3 - So I was going to complain about heat and boringness and car freak-outs, but the thing is that this has been a pretty good week. I got a new computer that I'm using as we speak, or I guess as I type. I took my car into the mechanic, and it turns out there's nothing wrong with it. Plus they gave me a quote to fix the heater that is way less than the other place. So basically, when it comes to bitching about my life; this week I've got nothing.



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