March What to Watch

March 31 - So there's this guy and he's a bounty hunter. So he's hunting this guy and then for some reason he stops and so the guy starts stalking him. Kind of how relationships go except for the stalking. You know someone does the chasing and then they catch the person and lose interest and so the newly caught person pursues the person who pursued them but is no longer interested. Apparently movies about bounty hunters can teach us a lot about relationships, so watch The Hunter today.

AMC 9:00 am (1980) Steve McQueen.

March 30 - I've always said I never want to have a job where me screwing up could cause the injury and/or death of another person, or I guess me. I bet that's what Robert Redford's character thought in today's movie. I mean he was just a researcher at the CIA and then all of a sudden it's Three Days of the Condor and seven of your colleagues are dead.

AMC 3:30 pm (1975) Faye Dunaway

March 29 - When I was a little kid I read every single Nancy Drew book, but I never saw the movie. Now I can, and so can you. Nancy Drew, Detective is the story of a kidnapped old lady and one would assume how Nancy Drew cracks the case. And while I'm on the subject, how annoying must it have been to be Nancy's friend I mean the chick was worse than Barbie, she can do everything better than you.

TCM 9:45 am  (1938) Bonita Granville

March 26 - The Bad News Bears was one of those movies that could make a kid believe they could win a sports championship even if they tripped over their own feet when they walked. Come to think of it, maybe there's a bit of truth in that, because I was the worst soccer player ever and I actually ended up on an undefeated team one year. So believe again.

AMC 10:15 am (1976) Walter Matthau

March 25 - The old west was probably harsh and dangerous, but the idea of it is still sort of romantic. You could go out broke and come home rich. You could even build a western empire. That's what Errol Flynn tries to do in today's pick Silver River.

TCM 11:00 am (1948) Ann Sheridan

March 24 - He's a veteran thief who wants out. Unfortunately someone has different plans and pressures him into one last heist. What happens next? Watch Heist today and find out. 

 USA 2:30 pm (2001) Gene Hackman 

March 23 - I was supposed to see Spy Game with this guy I was seeing, but then we went and saw something else instead. The something else was really bad. Oh well at least I have the chance to see Spy Game now.  

USA 2:30 pm (2001) Robert Redford, Brad Pitt

March 22 - Probably not the best answer if you forgot to cram for that history test, but if you're just looking for a few laughs, History of the World Part 1 might be just the thing.

AMC 3:40 pm (1981) Mel Brooks

March 19 - What if someone faked their death and framed you for their murder? Then once you served your time you could hunt them down and kill them and like totally not go to jail for it.  Well that's the premise anyhow. Oops, wrong Double Jeopardy this one is a courtroom drama about lust and murder. I mean that still sounds interesting right? So check it out today.

LIFE 2pm (1992) 

March 18 - How can you pass up a movie called Voyage of Terror. I mean that's so cheesy you have to watch it. Plus it has the Bionic Woman herself, Lyndsay Wagner, battling an ebola-type virus that invades a cruise ship.

USA 9am (1998) 

March 17 - I may have recommended The Quiet Man once before, but it's the perfect movie for St. Patrick's Day, so heft a green beer and settle in. 

TCM 2:30 (1952) Maureen O'Hara

March 16 - The Boondock Saints is about Irishmen so I'm recommending it since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. And anyway, it's supposed to be quite dramatic. 

USA 11am (1999) Willem DeFoe

March 15 - When you put Peter Boyle and Peter Falk together in a movie about a bank heist, how can you miss. I mean it's gotta be better than Heat (or as I like to call it - two hours of my life I'm never getting back). So watch The Brink's Job today.

AMC 11:30am

March 12 - Not exactly 80's but still cool and off the air before it's time. Sliders was like that other 80's show where they traveled through time and changed history, except I think the sliders were actually jumping dimensions. Either way, it was a pretty cool show. 

SCI 10:00am

March 11 - Remember that game you used to play when you were a kid to try and figure out who you were going to marry and where you were going to live. You know, MASH. That's not what today's pick is though. This MASH is a show about the Korean war and the doctors who saved lives and somehow managed to laugh along the way. Not to mention make us cry occasionally. 

HALL 4:00pm & 4:30pm

March 10 -Wish you had a genie to grant you wishes? I know!!!! Most people would want to have their wishes granted right. How ironic is it that Major Nelson on I Dream of Jeanie totally didn't want a genie and ended up with one. Watch today and marvel at the irony.

TVLAND 10:30am

March 9 - Wish you could take a cruise? Can't help you. Want to take a cruise with your favorite stars of the 70's and 80's? Well why didn't you say so. Watch the Love Boat today.

TVLAND 12:00 noon.

March 8 - This is retro TV week I've decided, and there is no man of 80's TV cooler than MacGyver. If you haven't watched in a while, check him out today. After all, you never know when you'll need to build a fully functioning airplane out of popsicle sticks.

SPIKE 12:00 noon

March 5 - If this woman was too poor to afford a good enough lawyer to stay out of prison, how did she afford the plastic surgery that would turn her from disfigured to beautiful so she could take revenge on the man who set her up?  I really don't know, watch A Face to Die For today and maybe they'll explain it.

Life 2:00pm (1996) Yasmine Bleeth, James Wilder

March 4 - Once a long time ago there was this radio broadcast called War of the Worlds. Apparently everyone tuned in late so I they didn't know it was fake and it started a total panic because people all over the country thought we had been overrun by space aliens. Apparently this auspicious event convinced someone that this would make a great movie. I'm not sure how good the movie is, but I'm pretty sure no one thought it was real. At least I don't think so. Watch it for yourself today and see what all the hype was about.

AMC 4:15pm (1953) Gene Barry, Anne Robinson

March 3 - It's disaster day on AMC - my word for it not theirs - Watch Airport 1975 and Airport 77 tomorrow. Well... watch it if you're not going to be flying anywhere. If you have a plane trip planned it might not be the best day of TV ever.

AMC 9:45am (1974) Charleton Heston

AMC 11:45am (1977) Jack Lemmon

March 2 - Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward and a bunch of race cars and melodrama and stuff. If that sounds interesting, and how could it not, watch Winning today.

AMC 10:30am (1969) 


March 1 - We kinda take the whole space thing for granted, but come on I mean it's pretty cool that we can send people into outer space don't you think? Watch Apollo 13 today and revel in the danger and wonder of space travel. Besides this movie totally helps with that whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. 

USA 10:00am (1995) Tom Hanks



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