March Timewasters


March 31 - I totally have a cold, so I was trying to figure out how to make it go away and I found this site that addresses common myths about the common cold. Talk about interesting reading. And to think I always believed that dairy products would make your cold worse. Although in my defense, the person who told me that heard it from his mom who was a nurse so I guess even medical people are wrong about stuff sometimes. 

Anyhow, if you want to know for sure whether to starve a cold, today's site is for you.


March 30 - Apparently the greatest mystery of World War 11 happened right here in the Bay Area. It involved a ghost blimp, and no one ever found out what really happened. I just saw a snipit of it on the news today, but you can read all about it or at least what little is actually known about it, at today's link.


March 29 - This site is cool. It tells you all about the ocean realm. You can learn about fish and sea lions and kelp, my personal nemesis. So check it out today. It'll be like taking an exotic vacation without leaving home.


March 26 - Even before there was Martha Stewart, there was Heloise. All the advice with none of the pretension.


March 25 - Are you a born skeptic? Then today's site is for you.


March 24 - Have a cat that sheds and don't know what to do with all that excess fur? Look at today's link and hopefully find the answers you seek (Check it out I rhymed - How cool am I?).


March 23 - Have you ever watched Let's Make a Deal and wondered if there was a better way than simply guessing to pick the right door? The guy who created today's site gave this thing a whole lot of thought.


March 22 - Want to be a useless superhero, but can't think of a good name? Well then today's your lucky day.


March 19 - Nobody does history like the history Channel. Find out about the 'History' of St. Paddy's Day at today's link.


March  18 - St. Patrick's Day is so cool even the people at the How Stuff Works website did a section on it. So find out how St. Patrick's Day Works at their site today.


March 17 - Celebrate my favorite holiday today and sound truly Irish while you drink your green beer. And no I don't mean by using that awful Lucky Charms Leprechaun accent.


March 16 -  Make some great Irish food (okay so that's a bit difficult) by using the recipes at today's link.


March 15 - Ever love something so much you wanted to write a song about it? That's totally how this guy felt about green beer.


March 12 - Wish you lived in a kinder gentler time. With Kings and princes and knights in shining armor? If so then this place is for you.


March 11 - Wouldn't it be cool if you could get a free ePostcard from all 50 states delivered into your emailbox. Now you can, just click on today's site.


March 10 - Ever wondered how it would be if you were on the Jerry Springer Show? I mean hey, who hasn't. Well okay I haven't really either, but if you're curious now check out today's link and find out what your Jerry Slinger story would be.


March 9 - I always thought something about that whole moon landing thing sounded fishy.


March 8 - They say that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows, well you get it. So the idea is that if enough people know you're looking for someone eventually one of the people who knows you're looking will be one of the people who knows the person you're looking for. So with that in mind, check out today's link and maybe you'll turn out to be the one to help find Don.


March 5 - You know how much I love those random quiz's, and today's link has a ton of them. So go on Rate Yourself. Besides, if you're self-centered like me this site is great because it really IS all about you.


March 4 - Has anyone ever told you that something was like comparing apples to oranges as a way to invalidate your point? Next time they do that show them this site.


March 3 - Remember that Men at Work song where they talk about that vegemite stuff? I was always curious about that. I mean what is vegemite? What do you eat it with? Now I know.


March 2 - I bet you've always wondered about the history of vacuum cleaners. Wow!!!!! Me too.  Now we can both find out all about them at today's link.

March 1 - Before there were cell phones there were pay phones. If you got stranded somewhere, say... the Mojave desert, you might be lucky enough to stumble across a phone booth. Sadly those days are no more. Check out today's site and read one person's experience with a phone booth in the middle of nowhere and share my sadness at the end of an era.


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