March Brick Wall

March 29 - The weather's been so good lately that for a while I forgot that my car had no heat or defroster. I also managed to forget that when it rains my car smells like wet dog. Luckily though I was reminded of both facts today when it started to pour just before I left work. 

Also, I was reminded that my car leaks like a sieve and that when I sit it my car after it has rained I get noticeably damp. Let me tell you, I'm living the dream.

March 22 - Okay this is the last one about the smog thing I swear.  So on Monday I was headed to the smog place to get my car smogged and I got pulled over by a cop for expired tags. He was really cool and just gave me a warning. When he left to go write it I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I mean seriously how funny is that?  I was trying to get it under control because it's never a good idea to be laughing hysterically when a cop's writing you a warning.  

I know you're probably thinking this is all, but it actually gets better. So I drop my car off at the place and it's supposed to take  a few days or something. I call the next day to see what's what and the lady at the place (very nice, not at all snotty) tells me that they tested it because since I went to a test only station they refused to tell me what was wrong with it. Apparently when this new place tested it to find the problem IT PASSED. Yes that's true, it passed right away. So basically I paid another $95 for another test when I should have passed the first time.  At least the people at the second place were really nice. 

March 15 - Okay so Iím sure you guys are getting sick about the endless car bitching that has made up the Brick Wall more times than Iíd care to remember, but just think how annoying it would be if you were actually going through it. See I finally got my paperwork back from the state because theyíll pay for your car to get smogged if itís really old and you fail the smog test. Well theyíll pay everything between $101 and $500 I guess since I have to pay the first $100 and no all that money I spent on preparing for what was apparently a practice smog and money spent on the practice smog itself doesnít count. So anyway I finally got the paperwork back and Iím all ready to have my car fixed/re-smogged. I call the only place in my city that is certified to do this since my car sucks so bad and I want to drop my car off Friday and fixed on Saturday. The only problem is that they arenít open on Saturdays. I know, exactly what I was thinking.   NOT OPEN ON SATURDAYS?!?!?!?!?!? Look I know everyone needs a weekend and stuff but couldnít they do the hairdresser thing and be closed Monday?  Anyway, I have to drop it off Monday afternoon, but since they have to go back on forth faxing stuff to the state etc. It may take up to 3 days for it to get done so I will be carless for half the week. Arggggghh Iím so going to move out of this stupid state with its randomly difficult smog test and expensive gasoline.  

March 8 - So I was doing what I do about this time each week and updating the site for the next week. I was right in the middle of writing what, if I say so myself, was a very witty paragraph,  when all of a sudden the computer shut itself down. Now I'm not a total computer geek, I use an old laptop that was given to me. It still works good and all, but it has this rather annoying habit of shutting down right in the middle of stuff. All I can say is that I finally understand what my Journalism professor Mr. Spevak was talking about when he would lecture us on saving our stuff repeatedly. 

March 1 - I had to take DK to the vet. He had to have an operation to have a lump remove. Actually two lumps, and a teeth cleaning as this is apparently the done thing whenever you put a cat under. That's not the bad part (although not a good thing) When I got DK home I had to clean his stitches which were really yucky and I felt so bad for him. Then I had to give him medicine. Then he has to wear this cone thing which is awful because he keeps running into walls. All in all, I just feel really like the worst cat parent ever, and DK does nothing to discourage the feeling or relieve the guilt. Trust me, you've never felt bad like you feel bad when your cat puts his little lampshade cone flush against the nearest wall and you can't even see his face.


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